Cow Herd 

V8 Brahman Cows: More Than A Pretty Face

Our females, who all trace back to our nine original cow families, are legendary producers, ranking as some of the highest-valued females in the history of ABBA. Feminine, gentle, maternal, easy on the eyes, and accomplished in every area of selection, our Miss V8s are considered some of the reigning queens of the Brahman breed, winning an unprecedented number of championship titles as International Grand Champion, National Grand Champion, and All American Grand Champion titles.

At V8 Ranch, it’s all about family – our family which has been continually operating the business for four generations – and our cow families. Whereas others linebreed to a bull, we have always linebred to cow families. Why? Better uniformity. Great consistency. And real pretty cows. 

Jim Williams

V8 Ranch

+Miss V8 33/8

+Miss V8 43/7

Miss V8 46/8

Miss V8 49/8

Miss V8 52/8

Miss V8 102/8

+Miss V8 128/7

+Miss V8 138/7

Miss V8 178/7

Miss V8 183/7

Miss V8 222/8

Miss V8 228/8

Miss V8 233/8

Miss V8 262/8

Miss V8 286/8

Miss V8 293/8

Miss V8 307/7

Miss V8 317/8

Miss V8 319/8

Miss V8 386/8

Miss V8 401/8

+Miss V8 410/6

Miss V8 463/7

Miss V8 483/8

+Miss V8 464/6

Miss V8 498/7

Miss V8 499/7

Miss V8 506/7

Miss V8 507/7

Miss V8 539/6

Miss V8 545/7

Miss V8 565/7

Miss V8 591/7

Miss V8 610/8

Miss V8 639/6

Miss V8 655/8

Miss V8 682/6

Miss V8 718/8

Miss V8 751/7

+Miss V8 805/6

Miss V8 829/6

Miss V8 844/7

Miss V8 879/6

+Miss V8 917/7

+Miss V8 947/6

Miss V8 952/6

Miss V8 964/7

Miss V8 997/6

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