White Brahman cow

JDH Lady Manso 187

Sire: JDH Mr. Manso 93/3
Dam: JDH Lady Manso 129/3
ABBA: 868704

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JDH Lady Manso 187, a seasoned matriarch within the Brahman community, was acquired as a 13-year-old from Lana Jo Forgason Stanley of J.D. Hudgins, Inc., highlighting the strong family connections that hallmark the V8 Ranch breeding program. This acquisition was notably a birthday present for Knox, the son of Catherine Williams Neumayr and Luke, gifted by Luke’s parents, Jerry and Kathy Peevler, emphasizing the thoughtful integration of genetics, lineage, and deep familial bonds in advancing the Brahman breed. Prior to her integration into the V8 herd, JDH Lady Manso 187 served as an embryo transfer (ET) donor at J.D. Hudgins, showcasing her inherent value and genetic potential.

JDH Lady Manso 187 is celebrated for her exceptional docility, productivity, and easy fleshing characteristics, exemplifying the ideal traits sought in Brahman females. Her contributions to the V8 Ranch’s genetic pool, through successful flushes to prominent sires like +Mr. V8 322/8 and +Mr. V8 380/6, have yielded several standout heifers in the V8 Ranch’s top Private Treaty sales. Additionally, she is the dam of Mr. V8 918/8 “Scooter,” further solidifying her invaluable contribution to the breed. This strategic selection and breeding underscore the ranch’s priority in producing high-quality Brahman cattle, with her offspring’s success in top sales illustrating the lasting impact of well-chosen genetic pairings in the cultivation of elite Brahman genetics.

Notable Progeny

Mr. v8 918/8 “Scooter”

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