Miss HMC Polled 129/1 (PP)


Sire: Mr. V8 135/7 (P)
Dam: LMC LF Polled Muneca 152/4 (P)
ABBA: 1030833
DOB: October 01, 2020
From the V8 Ranch Cow Family: Outcross

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As we set out to reinvigorate the polled program at V8, we traveled far and wide to acquire what we believed to be the most exceptional polled cattle available. A central figure in this endeavor is Miss HMC Polled 129/1 (PP) or “Lily”, who we were fortunate to acquire from Hondo Martinez of HM Cattle Co.

Named after the Martinez’s daughter, Lily, this homozygous polled female embodies all the qualities we seek in a donor female. She is easy fleshing, exhibits perfect American Brahman breed character, and is very sound on her feet and legs. Given these traits and her homozygous polled status, her potential as a donor female is remarkable and we consider her a fundamental element in our ambition to improve polled Brahman cattle.

Her pedigree is impressive, sired by Mr. V8 135/7 (P) “The Butler,” a son of 380 tracing back to +Miss V8 98/6. Known to many as one of the top polled females of all time, +Miss V8 98/6 was raised by V8 and her lineage carries our original Sugarland breeding.

With her excellent traits and pedigree, Lily is frequently recognized as perhaps the premier polled female in the USA. With her as part of our herd, we are confident about the future of our polled Brahman breeding program.


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