Employee Spotlight V8 Ranch Communications Coordinator, Caydi Blaha

Brahman Bull with Brahman Cow

March 8, 2024

Deep Family History in Wharton County

Caydi Blaha grew up in the small, rural community of Louise, TX. With her family steeped in education and fellowship, being of service and helping others is built into Caydi’s DNA.

As the Communications Coordinator for V8 Ranch, Caydi is now able to combine her passion for Brahman cattle with her dual degree in Agricultural Communications and Journalism and Agricultural Leadership and Development from Texas A&M University. This potent combination has given her a solid foundation in communication strategies, media production, and leadership, all tailored to the agricultural sector.

The Connection Power of ABBA

Upon graduating from Texas A&M in 2022, Caydi began her career at ABBA (American Brahman Breeders Association) as Director of Communications and Youth Activities. This role allowed her to deeply engage with the Brahman community and forge significant connections, including V8 Ranch. In her time at ABBA, she connected with our own Catherine Williams Neumayr, who was serving as Communications Chairman.

Catherine recalls getting to know Caydi, saying, “I was pleasantly surprised to learn she was a native of Wharton County. She was outstanding as a communications professional. When Caydi left ABBA to pursue a position closer to home, I was both happy for her and sad for myself! Her expertise and dedication had already made a notable impact, and we had worked together so well.”

This sparked a simple but profound idea… What if Caydi could bring her skills to V8? As Catherine and her husband Luke took on greater leadership roles within the ranch, the opportunity to bring someone to own and elevate the ranch’s online presence crystalized.

As Communications Coordinator, Caydi’s primary responsibilities are developing engaging content for V8’s social media and company website, keeping the website current and user-friendly, and leveraging email campaigns to engage customers, fans, and Brahman enthusiasts alike!

The Stars Aligned with Professional Aspirations & Personal Values

Why V8? Caydi shares, “Being a Wharton County native, I have always admired V8 Ranch for their work ethic, dedication, and family environment. Their reputation for hard work, unwavering dedication, and the nurturing of a family-like environment resonated with my personal values and professional aspirations. The prospect of working at V8 Ranch was not just about a job; it was about becoming part of a community that values each member’s contribution and growth.”

Just like V8, Caydi values fun! When asked the quirky question “If you were a donut, what kind would you be and why?”, without missing a beat, Caydi jumped in with the perfect answer. She said, “If I were a donut, I’d be a sprinkle-covered, white chocolate donut – a classic with a twist! The colorful sprinkles represent my fun and creative side, always ready to brighten things up! Like this donut, I aim to spread joy and sweetness, making every moment more delightful.”

When you visit the V8 Ranch, stop by the office to meet Caydi. You can get a dose of that “rainbow sprinkled” personality for yourself!

Thank you, Caydi, for all that you do for V8 Ranch. We can’t wait to see where your career takes you!

For those inspired by Caydi’s story and curious about crafting their own unique path at V8 Ranch, we invite you to explore the exciting opportunities we have available. Visit our Careers page to learn more about how you can become part of our dynamic team. Don’t miss the chance to make your mark in an environment where every contribution is valued and every individual can shine. Join us, and let’s grow together!


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