V8 Ranch Made for Magic Auction – Premium Brahman Cattle

Twice a year, V8 Ranch holds our Made for Magic Auction.

The V8 Ranch family, including Ranch manager Jim Williams, daughter Catherine Williams Neumayr, and son-in-law Luke Neumayr, personally select 5-8 elite Brahman heifers for our online sale, drawing ranchers, breeders, and Brahman cattle enthusiasts from around the world to view and bid on the coveted animal the V8 brand is known for.

In July, we feature the best of our fall-born heifers, and in October, it’s the spring-borns’ time to shine.

As demand for Brahman cattle grows, each year the bidding fervor increases, leading to spirited competition from friends, neighbors, and international investors.

Brahman cattle, known for their signature hump, floppy ears, and loose skin, are highly valued in hot climates for their resilience and ability to thrive in high temperatures. Additionally, when Brahman cattle are introduced into crossbreeding programs, their prized attributes, including gentle demeanor, strong maternal instinct, and generous milk production, pass on to their offspring, improving the quality of the breeder’s own herd.

How Does the V8 Made for Magic Auction Work?

Interested buyers first need to register for a free account on our online auction platform, DVAuction.

About 1-2 months before the next Made for Magic auction, we announce the dates and encourage would-be bidders to get on our email list, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, and register on DVAuction.

V8’s goal is to educate and spotlight potential buyers all about the Brahman heifers available, listing their parentage, demeanor, and unique qualities that make each animal so special.

Those interested in participating in the sale receive a digital catalog all about the sale, animals, and what to expect when partnering with V8 Ranch.

Jim Williams will very often post videos about each animal, what he personally treasures about the heifer, and why she was selected.

Then, the countdown is on…

We kick off our online auction at midnight Central time—often with some sort of celebration or community activity.

And it’s off to the races! 

Bids begin dropping in at 12:01 am CT and continue until 7:00 pm CT the following day – unless the bidding is still hot and heavy! The auction doesn’t officially conclude until we have five minutes of no bidding. 

LOT 2, MISS V8 799/9

Sold one-half interest for $125,250 to Brant Barnes of 76 Ranch, Timpson, Texas in Made for Magic VIII (October 2023)

Then, the winners are officially announced and we start the paperwork process, as well as coordinating how to get you your brand new heifer.

V8-bred cattle have a longstanding tradition and heritage as being the genetic powerhouse behind championship Brahman for generations. Whether they’re born and raised on our Texas properties or the result of our premium semen program, thousands of prize-winning cattle have V8 stacked in their pedigree.

That’s why savvy breeders clamor to win their preferred heifer in the Made for Magic Auction. And why our Private Treaty Sales are so popular.

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But we don’t just cater to commercial-grade, large-scale breeders. We’re pleased as punch anytime someone decides to put their trust in us as a V8 client. 

Whether that’s helping a family get their first animal for their children… or an animal lover wanting to invest like they would the stock market… or improving the agriculture of a country halfway around the world… we’re a family-run operation that’s eight generations deep. 

When you work with V8, not only are you supporting our family, but you’re also supporting small businesses and the local economy.

What if I Need Help During the Made for Magic Auction?

We don’t just host sales; we bid in them, too! 

After having bid in other online sales across many different platforms, we know firsthand that online bidding can sometimes feel confusing and destabilizing.

That’s why we chose one of the premier auction platforms—and we are stationed by our computers and phones during the entire sale.

If you have questions or need help in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

And in the very rare event you experience an issue during the auction, please let us know. 

We take our clients’ needs and desires seriously.

Our relationship with you doesn’t end when the auction closes. We’re always here for you – happy to be of service any time, regardless of whether you win the auction or not!

What are my investment options?

Animals are offered on either a Full Interest or Half Interest basis.

Full Interest means you are buying the animal outright from us. Once you sign on the dotted line, that Brahman is yours to do with as you wish. If you have a ranch, you can hitch up your trailer and come on down to Boling, TX to get her. 

Or, you can keep her with us. We understand that sometimes you just don’t have the space or property type to accommodate a Brahman, so we offer a ‘room and board’ option where she stays with us but you own her.

Half interest means you own half and we own half. We are so confident in the potential of this animal that we’re willing to share in the future profits with you. Think of it like “going halfsies” with your best friend—where we both get to share in the success of the investment.

This means we likely keep the heifer at V8, plus feed and care for her. It’s kind of like buying a blue-chip stock on Wall Street, except in this case, you’re welcome to visit your investment anytime you wish! 

Click here for more details on these investment options, as well as what to look for in choosing the right Brahman cattle ranch as your breeding partner.

How do private treaty sales work?

Typically, after our Made for Magic Auction concludes, we open up our private pens which are filled with 70-100 of the top spring-born or fall-born Brahmans we have available for sale.

Why aren’t these beauties in the auction? Can you imagine how overwhelming it would be to try to bid on 100 head of cattle? We hand-select the ones we wish to put up for auction, and then open things up to a wider audience once the bidding is done.

On average, the animals in our private treaty pens range from $5,000 – $20,000 and there are some real steals in there, particularly if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

One perk of bidding in the Made for Magic Auction is that you can jump to the front of the line as a Private Treaty VIP. Even a single bid gets you onto our pre-sale list!

When you’re a VIP, You’ll have a few days to get exclusive first picks of the high-quality V8 Brahman heifers we’re known for, before we open up the pens to the public.

When you invest in V8, you’re investing in quality. Even our $5,000 heifers are bred for premium genotype and phenotype. Plus, our cattle get better with age, particularly when you invest your time and energy in nurturing them along.

What Should I expect working with v8?

We meticulously select and breed our Brahman heifers for optimal health, genetics, and temperament. Each heifer bears the V8 brand, a symbol of our unwavering commitment to the legacy of breeding excellence. They’re more than cattle; they’re a part of your ranching heritage. 

When you become part of the Magical Investors’ Club (the exclusive group you join when you invest in V8 cattle), we provide ongoing support, community, and resources to help ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

We’re with you every step of the way—in good times and in bad. That means if you’re celebrating your first successful flush or struggling with what to feed your new heifer, you’ll find us at your side, just a phone call, email, or Whatsapp message away.

Have more questions? Click here to send us an email or give Lydia a call at the office (979-533-2056).

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