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August 14, 2023

It’s back to school season, y’all! 

While the weather may not have gotten the memo that it’s nearly fall, we’re in full swing with the changin’ of the seasons over here. Here’s what we’ve been up to (and a sneak peek of what’s comin’ your way!).


Imagine being able to check an item off your bucket list… at six years old. That’s what our youngest rancher, Knox Neumayr, did this summer. A few weeks before starting first grade, little Knox and dad Luke hopped on a plane for a lonnnnnnng 11-hour trip up to Alaska to spend time with our friend, Sue Aikens. You may know her from the show “Life Below Zero” on NatGeo

Sue Aikens and Knox Neumayr Next to Bear Paw Print
Knox Neumayr at Life Below Zero Camp in Kavik, Alaska
Knox Neumayr and Sue Aikens at Life Below Zero Camp

Fog and wildfire smoke (nasty weather) delayed our departure from Fairbanks for one day, but Knox was a total trooper.

One thing you don’t know is that on the show, you don’t see all of the activity that actually happens up there. For example, in our week at Kavik River Camp, there were scientists from Colorado State University studying the geology of the area, specifically the rivers. There were researchers conducting studies on Dall Sheep and another group researching Grizzly bears. 

So despite us being 500 miles away from the next nearest neighbor (or more importantly, Target), camp was a hotbed of activity!

One of our favorite things to do was sit around the table at breakfast or dinner. Sounds simple, right? Well, that’s when we soaked up stories of everyone’s adventures for the day, what led them to the remote Alaskan wilderness, and tons of local knowledge about the people, area, and wildlife. Way better than staying at a fancy hotel.

Especially when it came to the food! Sue is incredible in the kitchen. Not only does she make the best cookies (pecan, citrus, lavender—Sue, we’re still fixin’ for that recipe!), but she’s also masterful at accommodating dietary restrictions. For example, when she learned one of our campers is a vegetarian, Knox and Sue went out foraging for wild blueberries, salmonberries, and fireweed, which is a wildflower that tastes a bit like blackberry jam.

Plus Knox started on our journey to become a “sourdough” (someone who has survived several Alaska winters)!

Here are some photo highlights from our week in Kavik:

Knox Neumayr Riding a Private Plane For The First Time

Flew on a private plane for the first time

Caribou in Kavik, Alaska

Saw caribou, sheep, squirrels, ptarmigans, and foxes

Blueberries and Salmonberries picked in Kavik, Alaska

Picked wild blueberries and salmonberries

Knox Neumayr Drinking Fresh Water From The Kavik River Camp

Drank fresh water from the Kavik River

Knox Neumayr ATVing looking for Bears

ATVed looking for bears

Bears at Kavik River Camp

Found bears

Knox Neumayr Visiting Santa's House

Visited Santa’s house

Knox Neumayr Getting an Alaskan Makeover

Had an Alaskan makeover

Luke and Knox Neumayr Taking a Picture in Kavik Alaska

Created memories we’ll cherish forever

We were very sad to leave – but Sue has invited us back to see the northern lights and experience the cold. It gets to -100*F with the windchill!

And we’ve opened up the invitation for Sue and her team to come on down to experience “life above 100” – which is what we’ve started calling summers at the V8 Brahman cattle ranch. 

We’ll see you again soon, Sue!

79 Years of V8 Ranch Leadership

Heading off to the classroom isn’t the only form of education we believe in ‘round the ranch. We’re also dedicated to educating new and seasoned Brahman cattle ranchers and breeders, ensuring they have the knowledge they need for a successful program.  

Recent Visitors at V8 Ranch

In October 2023, the Williams family is celebrating over 50 years as owners of the V8 Ranch! For three quarters of a century, V8 Ranch has been one of the top leaders in the evolution of the modern Brahman cattle breed. Our success isn’t just about excelling in our own endeavors, but also about supporting our customers to achieve greatness in their own operations. 

That’s why when you become part of the V8 Ranch family, whether from buying one of our Brahman heifers for sale, investing in a big Brahman bull, or ordering one of our award-winning American Brahman semen packages, we’re here to guide you every step of the way—at no additional cost. We take pride in offering guidance and counsel whenever our customers have questions or concerns.

Just like the excitement of going “back to school,” every year at the ranch has been a new chapter of learning, exploration, and growth. We continuously strive to foster a culture of education and knowledge-sharing within our ranching community—while deepening our own commitment to leading the future of the Brahman breed.

As it has for the past 79 years and 8 generations, our commitment to honesty and integrity remains unwavering, both with you and ourselves. Our ultimate goal is to produce a trustworthy product that benefits every aspect of the Brahman cattle industry. Why do we do it? It’s because we firmly believe in the potential of Brahman cows and the incredible people who raise them.

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