Oh, Night Bovine! A Very Special Christmas at V8 Ranch

Brahman Bull with Brahman Cow

December 25, 2023

Christmas at V8 Ranch is a magical time, with customs as storied, treasured, and unique as our herd.

Around here, we like to blend traditions with a touch of the unexpected—and we always make time to revisit the memorable moments that make our holidays so special.

With each year we spend celebrating together, a new, festive chapter is added to the ongoing legacy of our ranch life.

And what do we love almost as much as sharing these moments together?

Sharing them with you!

So, grab a cup of cocoa, settle in, and enjoy one of our favorite family Christmas tales—giving you a little glimpse into the warmth and joy of an unforgettable V8 Ranch Christmas.

A Cow for Christmas

Let’s start out by establishing an undeniable fact about Jim Williams: He’s an expert-level gift-giver. 

It’s definitely his love language and he’s been known to spend the whole year hunting down the perfect, one-of-a-kind gifts he can find for our family.

Every year brings something special, but 1990 stands out for all of us… and it’s a tale we love to tell again and again.

Here’s how it goes.

The first famous animal of the V8 herd was a Brahman bull called (+)Mr. V8 202/3—he was a two-time international and three-time national champion who was very special to the family.

Luann Williams was very attached to his dam, and when she passed that year, Luann took it extremely hard. But this loss also offered Jim a unique opportunity.

You see, Luann had a soft spot for a cow called 109 that belonged to breeder Clyde Goudeau, so Jim set out to get her as a Christmas surprise.

After an initial “no” and then a bit of back and forth, Jim and Clyde were finally able to strike a deal: Jim could have the cow under the condition she be returned to Clyde for her twilight years.

Two days before Christmas, the plot to bring 109 home was in full swing. Our family friend, Mr. Gary Buchholz, made the trip to Jackson, Mississippi to meet Mr. Goudeau at a gas station. They backed their trailers up butt-to-butt and transferred the Brahman cow right then and there.

Mr. Buchholz then stealthily transported 109 back to V8 in Boling, Texas, where they hid her in the calving barn. Since Jim and his daughter Catherine (Williams) Neumayr were the only ones in on the secret—and Luann doesn’t prefer to venture out into the cold—the surprise was safe.

Early Christmas morning, Jim went out to the barn to ensure his surprise for his bride was absolutely perfect. He washed and brushed 109, got her all spiffy and ready to go, then laid fresh shavings on the barn floor. 

After everyone opened their gifts inside, Jim—with that twinkle in the eye he gets when he’s up to something—said, “There’s one more surprise, but you’ve got to see it for yourself.”

So, everyone bundled up and trooped out to the barn, and there she was—109 in all her glory—much to Luann’s surprise and delight, making 1990 one of Jim’s best gifting victories to date.

What makes this story particularly sentimental for the Williams family is the fact that some of the Brahman on the ranch today trace their lineage back to that very special Christmas cow!

(Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!)

Around here, the story of 109—the Christmas cow—isn’t just about a clever gift. It’s about what makes us, well, us.

We hope you experience magical memories like this (well, maybe not quite like this) in your life, celebrating and reminiscing with cherished family and friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! 

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  1. Joe Taylor

    Awesome reading the accomplishments, the history and the vision of V8 ranch. Thanks for sharing and inspiring so many Brahman enthusiasts. Happy New Year Jim Williams !!! I cherish our friendship !


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