100 Years of the ABBA: V8 Ranch Celebrates at the ABBA International Show

Brahman Bull with Brahman Cow

April 17, 2024

What an incredible week we had at the 2024 ABBA International Show! Held as part of the Houston Livestock Show, this year was particularly special, as it marked the 100th anniversary of the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA).  All of us at V8 Ranch were thrilled to participate in the celebrations and the outstanding Brahman cattle events. Here’s a recap of our exciting week at the 2024 ABBA International Show.

Catherine Williams Neumayr Elected to the ABBA Executive Committee 

Catherine Williams Neumayr giving the Communications Report

We’re incredibly proud that Catherine Williams Neumayr was elected to the ABBA Executive Committee. One of the youngest members ever elected, Catherine follows in the footsteps of her grandfather, Sloan Williams, and father, Jim Williams, representing the third generation of our family to serve in this role. In a groundbreaking milestone, she is one of three women concurrently serving on the committee – a historic first. 

Furthermore, she has been re-elected to the Board of Directors, where she continues her role as Communications Chair.

Welcome Dinner Kicks off ABBA Centennial Celebration

The 100th Anniversary of ABBA Celebration festivities began with a Welcome Dinner, Vice chaired by our very own Catherine Williams Neumayr. 

ABBA President and Co-Owner/Partner at J.D. Hudgins’ Ranch, Mark Forgason, and others gave inspiring opening addresses to the hundreds of Brahman cattle enthusiasts in attendance. 

Countries with Brahman associations were presented with belt buckles and flags, while past ABBA presidents, directors, and committee chairs were honored for their service. Catherine was even recognized with a belt buckle for her role as Communications Chair!

Centennial Gala Unites Brahman Breeders

V8 Ranch Family on the Red Carpet at the ABBA 100th Anniversary Gala

The Centennial Gala, also Vice chaired by Catherine Williams Neumayr, was a night to remember. Over 700 Brahman breeders put on their party best to celebrate the breed’s history and bright future. 

The evening’s festivities started with a steak dinner, heartfelt speeches, a silent auction, and videos showcasing the rich history and legacy of the Brahman breed. Carnival dancers and a talented violinist kept the party going. Seeing our community united in our shared passion for Brahman cattle was absolutely wonderful.

Record-Breaking V8 Ranch Stall Party

Our annual Stall Party, featuring semen specials from top V8 Brahman bulls, was a huge success. We sold over 800 straws of domestic semen in just two hours! Miss out on the sale? Well, here’s some good news: You don’t have to wait for the next International Brahman Show to bring V8 genetics into your breeding program. You can order V8 Brahman bull semen straws online or call us at the office.

Guests enjoyed entertainment from a magician and caricature artists, as well as delicious charcuterie boxes. The #V8MagicMan social media giveaway was a hit, with 50 lucky winners taking home special hats. 

V8 Ranch Excels in the 2024 ABBA International Show Ring 

V8 Ranch Trophy

While we’re always honored when our Brahman cattle are selected as champions, we’re particularly pleased as punch with our achievements in the 2024 ABBA International show ring this year. V8 cattle earned impressive accolades, including 11 V8 branded class winners, the Champion Breeders Herd (Best 4 Head), Champion and Reserve ET Produce, and 7 Division Champions or Reserves.

American Grey Brahman Female at V8 Ranch.

After a decade-long absence, V8 Ranch participated in the International Brahman Sale. In honor of the sale’s 100th anniversary, we were proud to present an exceptional legacy heifer as our contribution to this historic event. Miss V8 497/9, the top-selling grey heifer, went to V8 collector TCC Farms/Bill Deaton for $30,000. 

As if that weren’t exciting enough, V8 was further honored to be awarded the ABBA Show Bull and Show Heifer of the Year—a stunning and historic sweep in a highly competitive field of quality Brahman cattle.

Brahman Cattle Enthusiasts Flock to V8 Ranch

ABBA’s 100th-anniversary excitement drew over 1,000 passionate visitors to our ranch in the two weeks surrounding the 2024 ABBA International Show. It was truly incredible to welcome Brahman enthusiasts from every corner of the globe, from the sundrenched island of Jamaica to the vibrant streets of Brazil to the picturesque landscapes of Germany and Vietnam—and everything in between! The international presence at our ranch was a testament to the universal appeal of American Brahman cattle and V8’s unwavering commitment to serving our global community.

We also held our 27th Annual Intercollegiate Livestock Judging Workout for collegiate teams preparing for competition. This educational event is designed to help undergraduates develop and refine their evaluating and ranking livestock skills. Over 350 students from 30 universities (including ones from Oregon and Pennsylvania!) gathered to practice judging techniques, learn from experienced judges, and improve their ability to make informed decisions about the quality and potential of individual animals. The workout involves animal evaluation, comparative analysis, oral reasons, and expert feedback, which promote critical thinking, decision-making, and communication skills. We loved this event so much that we’re already hard at work brainstorming ideas for 2025. Be sure to stay tuned for details!

V8 Cattle Inducted into ABBA Register of Renown

Six V8 Brahman females and three V8 Brahman bulls were inducted into the ABBA Register of Renown to cap off a jam-packed week. This elite recognition of achievements made with the progeny of our cattle is a testament to our breeding program and our commitment to advancing the American Brahman breed.

The 2023 Inductees were:

We at V8 Ranch extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made this remarkable Houston Livestock Show and centennial ABBA celebration possible. The passion and support of the Brahman community was truly overwhelming. 

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