Historic Brahman Cattle Sale Raises $300K for ABBA’s 100th

Brahman Bull with Brahman Cow

November 29, 2023

V8 Ranch Showcases Genetic Excellence at 2023 National Brahman Sale

V8 Female Tops 2023 National Brahman Sale 

In a celebration of a century of Brahman distinction, the 2023 National Brahman Sale stands as a testament to the breed’s tradition and excellence.

This special sale brought together many of the top Brahman cattle breeders to donate an animal, embryo, or semen, with 100% of the proceeds going toward the American Brahman Breeder Association’s 100th Anniversary Celebration in March 2024.

V8 Ranch, deeply honored by the invitation to participate in this historic event, proudly builds upon the legacy of Howard Parker, Sloan Williams, and Jim Williams, each a distinguished member of the ABBA Hall of Fame.

It was in this spirit that we were privileged to consign Miss V8 594/9, a standout halter-broke Brahman heifer and 2022 National Show Class Winner, straight from the V8 show barn. 

Our contribution with Miss V8 594/9, who became the high seller at an impressive $25,000 to Hernando Guerra of Mexico, is a symbol of our unwavering commitment to the Brahman breed and a tribute to the ABBA’s 100th Anniversary Celebration.

High-selling heifer at the 2023 National Brahman Show

Miss V8 594/9 on display during the sale preview

Brahman Cattle Sale Generates Over Quarter of a Million in Donations

Thanks to the generosity of each Brahman cattle consignor donating 100% of the proceeds from their lots to the ABBA’s centennial celebration, this remarkable event successfully raised $312,300.

Masterfully coordinated by Kelvin Moreno, chairman of the ABBA 100th Anniversary Committee, and managed by Chris Shivers of Infinity Cattle Services, this event was a resounding success.

With Catherine (Williams) Neumayr as the vice chairman of the 100th Anniversary committee, and Jim and Sloan as past presidents of ABBA, it was only natural for V8 to accept the invitation to donate to the sale alongside Moreno Ranch, J.D. Hudgins, HK Cattle, and more. 

Click here to see all participating brands and offerings.

ABBA National Brahman Sale Highlights

Key highlights from the sale as reported by the American Brahman Breeders Association include:

– Total cattle sale gross reaching $204,100.
– 2 Exposed/Bred Females averaging $17,500.
– 5 Open Show Heifers averaging $14,100.
– 11 Straws of Semen averaging $6,454.54.
– 1 Aspiration selling for $9,000.
– 2 Embryo Lots averaging $3,100 per embryo.

Furthermore, $46,500 was raised from the sale of four premier brand spots on the 100 Year Commemorative Book, enthusiastically supported by Southern Comfort, Moreno Ranches, Bulls Eye Ranch, and Casaray Ranch.

Southern Comfort Ranch of Arcadia, Florida, was recognized as the Volume Buyer, underlining their dedication to the breed.

Catherine Neumayr with National Show Sale Coordinator Kelvin Moreno

National Show Sale Coordinator Kelvin Moreno of Moreno Ranches and Catherine Neumayr of V8 Ranch

Cosignorts/Donors of the National Brahman Sale

Teresa Moreno of Moreno Ranches
Catherine Neumayr of V8 Ranch
Pasquale Swaner of Swaner Brahmans

Consignors/Donors of the National Brahman Sale

Jim Williams with Mr. & Mrs. Bob Parish

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Parish, Jim Williams, Catherine Williams Neumayr

In addition to the in-person sale, a special online auction was held for the remaining brand spots in the commemorative coffee table book. 

The sale of these 20 brands, which sold for a total of $62,000, averaging $3,100 each, was a testament to the community’s belief in the importance of preserving our history and their place in it.

This sale not only demonstrated the outstanding quality of Brahman cattle but also the robust community spirit and commitment to the breed’s future. 

As one of the leading Brahman cattle ranchers, we at V8 extend our deepest gratitude to all consignors, service providers, buyers, bidders, and attendees for your incredible support and enthusiasm. 

Your collective efforts have paved the way for a momentous 100th Anniversary Celebration at the International Brahman Activities held at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in March 2024.

We thank everyone who has contributed to the enduring legacy of the Brahman breed and the ABBA.

For more information about how to be part of the V8 legacy, click here.

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