How Big is V8 Ranch?

Brahman Bull with Brahman Cow

September 2, 2023

How Big Is V8 Ranch?

We recently learned that one of the most searched questions about us on Google is “How big is V8 Ranch?” So, we’re here to answer your burning question. 

When determining a Brahman cattle ranch size, you can look at several factors: total acreage, number of head of cattle, competitions won, industry impact, or sales volume… just to name a few! When you think of it that way, it’s not so easy to answer, right?

It’s no secret that in the great state of Texas, size matters. Everything is bigger here – from hairstyles to belt buckles to hats to pickup trucks. In part, this is a reflection of our state’s physical size. As the second largest state in the continental U.S., Texas is twice the size of Germany or Japan and about 10% bigger than France. Even Ann Richards, the 45th Governor of Texas, said: “I thought I knew Texas pretty well, but I had no notion of its size until I campaigned it.”

If Texas were a country, it would rank as the 40th largest out of 196, but it’s not just the landmass that gives Texas its reputation. It’s also the big-dreamin’, big-talkin’, big-doin’ spirit of its people. In terms of physical size, the largest ranch in the United States is King Ranch. Located in Texas (naturally), it is larger than the state of Rhode Island or the country of Luxembourg. 

Here’s a fun fact you may not know: V8 Ranch has more than 1 location.

Ariel view of second largest brahman cattle ranch in Texas.

Today, our main ranches are in Hungerford, Burr, Boling (Wharton County), and Premont (Jim Wells County). We also have additional pasture leases in Jim Wells, Wharton, and Fort Bend County. We did a little math and calculated that our current land holdings are roughly eight times the size of Monaco and five times the size of Central Park. 

For a more concrete visual (and if geography isn’t your ‘thing’), we could park 2.3 million tractors on our land. Some of our pastures have upgraded new fences and beautiful grass. And other areas feature a broken-down tractor and fire ant hills thicker than fleas on a farm dog!

Brahman cattle legend Sloan Williams loved making a deal, and he never passed up the opportunity to buy more cattle. Jim Williams often said, “If they would sell my daddy King Ranch on credit, he would have it overstocked in six months.” When Sloan took out a 30-year loan in his 70s to buy more land and herds of cattle, the banker said he knew we were all good for it. Even just four days before his death, Sloan was trying to buy a herd of Brangus cows!  

These days, if you were to ask V8 Ranch manager, Jim Williams, how big his ranch is, depending on his mood, he’ll either tell you “Big enough” or “Not big enough.” 

What Type of Grass Does V8 Ranch Have?

You may not think that grass matters in terms of ranch size, but it actually plays a big role! The condition of the pastures is perhaps even more important than land itself. 

There is a big difference between native grasses and improved grasses; wooded pastures and brush pastures; irrigated pastures and non-irrigated pastures; unfertilized pastures and fertilized pastures. 

The quality of grass directly influences the health and nutrition of the cattle that graze upon it. Different types of grasses offer varying nutritional content, and some are better suited to providing the essential nutrients cattle need for optimal growth and reproduction. For example, native grasses might be hardier and better adapted to the local environment, but improved grasses often offer higher yields and better nutrition. 

Wooded and brush pastures can limit the amount of available forage and grazing space, impacting the ranch’s capacity to support a larger cattle herd. Jim Williams loves a Mesquite tree, just not in his pastures.  

Cattle eating grass at V8 Ranch.

On the other hand, well-managed, open pastures with proper fencing and rotation systems can optimize grazing efficiency. 

Don’t even get us started on irrigated pastures. We’ve been told not to covet thy neighbor, but when we see the big pivots on the neighboring sod farms, we can’t help but be envious. 

Here at V8 Ranch, we’ve strategically blended both native and improved pastures. 

This diversity ensures a consistent forage supply throughout the year. For instance, we have Coastal Bermudagrass and St. Augustine grass that thrives during warmer months, but doesn’t grow in the winter. So, we also plant “cold season” pastures with oats and ryegrass for our cattle. These cold-season grasses not only supplement the winter diet for our cattle but also let us maintain a more substantial herd.

What is V8 Ranch’s Stocking Rate?

Ariel view of V8 Ranch.

In ranch-speak, stocking rate is the number of animals on a specific area of grazeable land for a specific length of time. In other words, stocking rate is the relationship between livestock and forage resources… Or, another way to put it is: how many cows can V8 ranch have on its land? All the factors we’ve explained in this article help to determine an appropriate stocking rate

It’s also important to consider animal species; class of livestock (dry cow, lactating cow, bull, steer, etc.); acres available for grazing; rainfall; topography: water distribution; forage species; forage productivity including regrowth characteristics; and grazing systems, too. 

For example, at V8 we are able to almost run one cow per acre. However, our friends with ranches in West Texas are able to run one cow per 150 acres. 

How Many Cattle Does V8 Ranch Have?

At V8 Ranch, we are close to branding our 10,000th heifer – and the bulls aren’t far behind. This means that since 1944, V8 Ranch has branded close to 20,000 head of purebred Brahman cattle. Currently, we have about 2,000 commercial cows, 300 registered Brahman cows, and 500 recip cows who serve as surrogate mothers in our embryo transplant program.  

Both herd count and land holdings on the ranch have fluctuated over the decades. In the early 80s, for example, we had about 10,000 crossbred cows with ranches leased in 20 counties from Orange, Texas (on the Sabine River), all the way to Eagle Pass, Texas (on the Rio Grande River). 

V8 Ranch is considered to be the second largest Brahman cattle breeder in the world, right behind our friends and family at J.D. Hudgins.

We are a top choice for international Brahman cattle breeders, as well as throughout the United States. Chances are, if you’re serious about getting into the Brahman cattle game and you want a reputable guide and strong return on investment, you’re going to choose V8 Ranch as your genetic partner.

Where V8 is located on the Texas Map

How Many Awards Has V8 Ranch Won?

Since 1976, our ranch has proudly showcased over 100 National and International Grand or Reserve Grand Champions. 

We’ve achieved the remarkable honor of winning the prestigious HK Memorial Trophy for Premier Exhibitor of the International Show 14 times. Yet, despite all this success, we believe we’re only scratching the surface of what’s to come!

One important thing to know: If they are branded V8, they were born and raised at V8. Every animal with the V8 brand comes with a promise – a promise of top quality, pedigree, and a steadfast dedication to authenticity. That’s what you can take to the bank when you decide to work with us at V8 Ranch.

V8 Ranch awards at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

How Big is the V8 Ranch Breeding Program?

V8 Ranch’s commitment to superior Brahman cattle genetics and a world-class breeding program is the reason why we’re the go-to choice for Brahman enthusiasts. In fact, you’ll find V8 Ranch cattle on 6 of the 7 continents!

Our breeding program opportunities are extensive, including:

American Grey Brahman Female at V8 Ranch.

Buy a donor female

Our cattle have won a record number of global championship titles, and even today, they’re consistently ranked among the highest prized cattle in the history of ABBA. Twice a year, we offer our choice spring- and fall-born heifers in our online Made for Magic sale. We also have private treaty sales and donor female cows available for sale now. When you buy a donor heifer, we ensure the best care and safest transport to your ranch. We can also help you import our Brahman cattle to your country if you live outside of the United States.

Invest in a Grey Brahman Bull at V8 Ranch. Picture of Mr. V8 380/6.

Invest in a Brahman bull

There’s a reason V8 Ranch has a reputation as a top breeder of high-performing, structurally sound Brahman Bulls. You can choose from among our national or international champions, Brahman bulls that breed red or grey, our most popular Brahman sires, or simply the one you like the best! We offer opportunities to purchase an interest in one of our herd sires or order Brahman semen (which includes an AI certificate) for your own in-house program.


Plus, we take our role as a leader in the Brahman cattle industry seriously. We’re just a phone call or email away from helping you get the answers you’re looking for as a Brahman cattle breeder. From “What should I feed my cattle?” to “How do I know if my heifer is pregnant?” we’re committed to giving you the education, knowledge, and support you need (free of charge) to get the most out of your V8 Ranch genetics investment.

We also believe in using our rich heritage and legacy of service for the betterment of the breed. Not only are three of our team members in the ABBA Hall of Fame—Howard Parker in 1994, Sloan Williams in 2000, and Jim Williams in 2022—but our ranch operators continue to uphold the family tradition of active participation in ABBA and other leading organizations.

Can I Visit V8 Ranch?

You sure can! In fact, we absolutely love when you stop by for a visit. We’d love to show you what cattle hospitality is all about. We could tell you all about what to expect when you visit V8 Ranch, but really the best way to understand the size of our operation is to come see for yourself! 

To book a visit to V8 Ranch, contact us here – or swing on by!

Luke Neumayr showing visitors around the ranch.

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  1. Dan Holland

    How big of a heart does Jim and his whole family have. They are the friendliest family and do not hesitate to answer any questions about cattle.

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    Y’all are so blessed and God will continue blessing you guy’s because the V8 ranch family are the most Humble and kind people I’ve seen in YouTube videos, social media our buy reading emails like this one. I’ve never got to meet you all in person. but this is one of my bucket list I have and hope to do so one day and for me and my kids to be able to give Knox a big high five. And I love that everyone is welcome to visit the ranch at no charge we are big Brahman fans and we’ve raised Brahman’s too and can’t wait until we get to experience this in person. God bless the V8 family and God bless the V8 ranch.


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