JDH Lady Ashtyn Manso 210/2 Donor Cow at V8 Ranch

+JDH Lady Ashtyn Manso 210/2

Sire: JDH Quency Manso
Dam: JDH Lady Cote Manso
ABBA: 943779
From the V8 Ranch Cow Family: Outcross

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JDH Lady Ashtyn Manso 210/2, one of our most cherished acquisitions from J.D. Hudgins, came to us through a JDH internet sale. The night of the sale, Steve Hudgins personally called us to express his gratitude. According to him, 210/2 was the best fall-born heifer they had that year. Her dam, 488/1, sired by +JDH Sir Marri Manso 557/4, was one of his and Rex’s best cows. Steve’s faith in her wasn’t misplaced; 210/2 has grown into a remarkable Brahman female, known for her moderate frame, depth of body, and status as a top donor. She also has a notably tidy underline.

Visually, she’s among the most striking phenotype cows at the ranch, exhibiting the classic J.D. Hudgins phenotype—a trait that has harmoniously blended with our V8 cattle over the years. Her pairing with +Mr. V8 146/8 “Sloan” proved historic for V8. This combination resulted in a Made for Magic female, the remarkable V8 show female Miss V8 279/9, and another female we deemed worthy of retaining at the ranch. All proof of 210/2’s invaluable contribution to our Brahman breeding program.


Notable Progeny

2024 International Junior Champion Bull

Mr. V8 196/9

Sire: +Mr. V8 146/8 “Sloan”
Dam: +JDH Lady Ashton Manso 210/2

2024 International Reserve Junior Champion Female

Miss V8 599/9

Sire: +Mr. V8 146/8 “Sloan”
Dam: +JDH Lady Ashton Manso 210/2

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