Miss V8 102/8 Brahman Donor Female at V8 Ranch

+Miss V8 102/8

Sire: Mr. V8 977/6
Dam: Miss V8 597/6
ABBA: 925734
From the V8 Ranch Cow Family: Miss V8 906/2 Cow Family

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+Miss V8 102/8 has been standout from birth. She sold alongside her mother for $45,000 for one-half interest in the 2014 V8 Ranch Internet Sale and has grown into a beautiful cow that is quickly proving herself as an elite donor in the V8 Ranch Brahman herd. This moderate framed, dark pigmented, line bred 906/2 (the dam of +Mr. V8 189/4) female is deep bodied and massive yet still beautiful from the profile.

Miss V8 906/2

Cow Family

The latest in a line of females that has been a mainstay in our herd for almost 40 years. 

Jim Williams

V8 Ranch

Notable Ancestors

Mr. V8 977/6 the Brahman Sire of Miss V8 102/8
Sire of Miss V8 102/8

Mr. V8 977/6

Sire: Mr. V8 463/6
Dam: Miss V8 697/6

Notable Progeny

Miss V8 208/9 the daughter of Miss V8 102/8

Miss V8 208/9

Sire: +Mr. V8 933/7 “Yeti”
Dam: +Miss V8 102/8
Sold in 2020 Made for Magic Internet Sale for $70,750 to Razorback Farms.

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