The 906/2 Cow Family

Miss V8 906/2 cow family at V8 Ranch


For years, in the late. ‘70s and early ‘80s, Jim traveled to Sugarland every two months for the weaning of the heifers. (Sugarland’s manager was a good friend who let Jim get first pick.) In the spring of 1980, Jim selected Ester of Sugarland 78, the dam of Miss V8 906/2.  Born in 1982, 906/2 had only 5 daughters and 4 sons in her lifetime. She was never flushed, so all of her progeny are natural calves.  It’s a common misconception that embryo transfer calves are superior to natural-born calves. Yet, Miss V8 906/2 is a matriarch who dispels that very notion. She is the foundation cow behind one of our biggest groups of cattle on the ranch, a group that features many show winners and top-selling animals. Like many greats who were overlooked in their lifetimes (think: Bach, VanGogh, Thoreau), Miss V8 906/2 is just now rising to fame for her incredible contribution to the breed as a non-flush cow. Her cow family is proof that the V8 Ranch “bench” is deep, and that even our non-flush females are superior producers.


Like so many of our cattle, the Sugarland female lines combined so impressively with the V8 sires. Her sire, Mr. V8 622/2 was a grandson of +Miss V8 218/1, who was the dam of +Mr. V8 347/2, our first national champion.

Mr. V8 308/1

+Mr. V8 763/1

Miss V8 212/1

SIRE: Mr. V8 622/2

Mr. V8 188/1

Miss V8 588/1

+Miss V8 218/1

Sugarland’s Esto 4

Sugarland’s Esto 217

Lady Manso of Sugrlnd 30

DAM: Ester of Sugarland 78

Sugarland’s Rexcrata 41

Ester of Sugarland 57

Ester of Sugarland 41

+Miss V8 218/1 , paternal granddam of Miss V8 906/2. Born in 1965 and one of our first Register of Renown females, she is also the dam of +Mr. V8 347/2 “Will,” our first National Champion Bull.

You have to be a visionary.

What makes her special?

Miss V8 906/2 was the dam of +Mr. V8 189/4. Although a household name, and a Register of Renown sire with worldwide influence, +Mr. V8 189/4 was not a show bull; he was too small. +Mr. V8 189/4 was, however, thick and muscular, so Jim kept him to breed to the longer, taller daughters of (+)Mr. V8 202/3. When asked why he made this not-so-evident choice, Jim replied: “You have to be a visionary.”



Born: Spring 1982, Boling, TX
Death: Circa 1997, Boling, TX

Impact At V8

Number of Sons: 4
Number of Daughters: 5

Modern Influence

It’s interesting to note that Miss V8 630/5, a foundation female in the modern group of producers in this family, was sired by +Mr. V8 189/4, meaning that she is linebred to Miss V8 906/2. Today, granddaughters and grandsons of 630/5 carry on the family tradition of excellence, which is only increasing in notoriety. According to ABBA, 906/2’s influence is carried in over 3,000 animals, mostly through her son, +Mr. V8 189/4.


For further study, explore the 906/2 cow family through these sires and donors at V8 Ranch that are in production at this time.

Miss V8 262/8

3X Great GrandDaughter

Miss V8 498/7

3X Great Granddaughter

Mr. V8 918/7

3X Great Grandson

+Miss V8 102/8

3X Great GrandDaughter

Mr. V8 179/8

“Big Mack”

3X Great Grandson

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