+Mr. V8 933/7


Bull of the Year

Sire: +Mr. V8 191/7
Dam: Miss V8 997/6
ABBA: 950625
BW: 77 pounds

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Mr. V8 933/7 “Yeti” joined the ranks of great Brahman Bulls like Man of Steel and 855 who also held the “Bull of the Year” title. 933/7 is a curve bending bull, due to his birthweight-weaning-yearling weight spread. He had an actual birthweight of 77 pounds coupled with a birthweight EPD of 2.2. His WW ratio was 116% and YW ratio of 108%. His weaning and yearling EPDs puts him in the top 1% of the Brahman breed. He is also in the top 1% for Carcass weight and Ribeye area. His carcass ultrasound data was well above average as well, scanning with a 14.7 square inch ribeye and 3.09% IMF.

All this comes as no surprise, as he is backed by two of the strongest cow families in the Brahman breed on both sides of his pedigree in terms of growth, performance, and maternal ability. 933/7 is sired by +Mr. V8 191/7 who is a ABBA EPD trait leader for Ribeye area (#1), Yearling Wt, Carcass Wt, and Scrotal Circumference. Oh, and yes, he still has a flawless phenotype and perfect structure.

Yeti has seen extensive use at V8 and his calves are very impressive and highly marketable. His three daughters to sell at public auction have averaged $72,750. A son of Yeti, Mr. V8 562/8 “Guardian” was a division champion at both the 2020 and 2021 International show.

+Miss V8 165/4

Cow Family

Notable Ancestors

Sire of Yeti

+Mr. V8 191/7

Sire: (+)JDH Sir Avery Manso 159/7
Dam: +Miss V8 464/6

dam of Yeti

Miss V8 997/6

Sire: (+)JDH Karu Manso 800
Dam: +Miss V8 58/6

Notable Progeny of Mr. V8 933/7 “Yeti”

MISS V8 40/9

Sire: +Mr. V8 933/7 “Yeti”
Dam: Miss V8 49/8
Sold in 2019 V8 Online Sale for $39,000 to Harleigh Strack

2020 International Calf Champion

Mr. V8 562/8

Sire: +Mr. V8 933/7 “Yeti”
Dam: Miss V8 49/8

MISS V8 208/9

Sire: +Mr. V8 933/7 “Yeti”
Dam: +Miss V8 102/8
Sold in 2020 Made for Magic Internet Sale for $70,750 to Razorback Farms.

MISS V8 372/9

Sire: +Mr. V8 933/7 “Yeti”
Dam: Miss V8 682/6

Sold in 2021 Made for Magic III Internet Sale for $108,500 to 76 Ranch

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