Miss V8 472/9

Sire: +Mr V8 322/8
Dam: +Miss V8 829/6
ABBA: 1029044
From the V8 Ranch Cow Family: +Miss V8 165/4

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Miss V8 472/9 “Magic,” achieving the status of 2022 Reserve National Champion, set a remarkable precedent in the Brahman community with a record sale of $150,000 for one-half interest to Walters Livestock Enterprises. This partnership not only highlights the value placed on elite Brahman genetics but also reflects a shared vision for her future contributions and successes. Her sire, +Mr. V8 322/8, brings the prestige of a National Champion title, adding a significant layer of genetic excellence to her lineage.

The maternal side of “Magic’s” pedigree is equally impressive. Her dam, +Miss V8 829/6, stands as one of the most influential donor females in the V8 Ranch’s storied history, boasting the highest number of progeny recorded among all V8 females. This remarkable maternal lineage extends through generations, with “Magic’s” dam, granddam, great-granddam, and great-great-granddam all holding the prestigious title of Register of Renown donor females, including two International Grand Champions among them. This unbroken line of exceptional females highlights the depth and consistency of quality that V8 Ranch strives to cultivate.

“Magic” herself has captivated the Brahman community, becoming one of the most celebrated V8 females of all time. Her striking phenotype, characterized by a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and functional attributes, showcases her as a paradigm of the breed. Her clean, attractive neck and shoulder, robust body, and impeccable soundness set her apart as a model Brahman female. “Magic’s” combination of championship lineage, outstanding physical traits, and the high regard in which she is held by breeders and enthusiasts alike encapsulates the pinnacle of Brahman breeding achievements.

+Miss V8 165/4

Cow Family

Notable Ancestors

Sire of Miss V8 472/9

+Mr. V8 322/8

Sire: +Mr. V8 380/6
Dam: +Miss V8 33/8

Dam of Miss V8 472/9

+Miss V8 829/6

Sire: Mr. V8 114/6
Dam: +Miss V8 38/6

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