Miss V8 829/6

Sire: Mr. V8 114/6
Dam: +Miss V8 38/6
ABBA: 864072
From the V8 Ranch Cow Family: +Miss V8 165/4

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Miss V8 829/6 has been a top Brahman Donor Cow at V8 Ranch for nearly ten years. She has the signature V8 look of femininity and style. She combines two of our legendary cow families in her pedigree: the Rose cow family (through her sire, a direct son of +Miss V8 495/6 “Rose”) and the +Miss V8 165/4 cow family. The females in 829/6’s three generation pedigree were all outstanding Register of Renown donor females. This female has been very prolific and a high egg producer for us, so her influence is seen heavily in our herd and in manyherds throughout the USA.

+Miss V8 165/4

Cow Family


Sire of Miss V8 829/6

Mr. V8 114/6

Sire: +Mr. V8 846/5 “The Rock”
Dam: +Miss V8 495/5 “Rose”

Dam of Miss V8 829/6

+Miss V8 38/6

Sire: +Mr. V8 287/5 “Superstroke”
Dam: +Miss V8 73/5

Notable Progeny

Miss V8 472/9

Sire: Mr. V8 322/8
Dam: Miss V8 829/6
Sold for $150,000 for one-half interest in 2021 Made for Magic IV Sale to Walters Livestock Enterprises

Miss V8 443/9

Sire: +Mr. V8 146/8 “Sloan”
Dam: Miss V8 829/6
Sold for $89,750 in 2021 Made for Magic IV Sale to Tate Barnes

Mr. V8 660/7

Sire: JDH Sir Garlan Manso
Dam: Miss V8 829/6
Herd sire for V8 Ranch

Miss V8 910/7

Sire: +Mr. V8 901/4
Dam: Miss V8 829/6
Donor female for V8 Ranch

Miss V8 781/7

Sire: +JDH Sir Avery Manso 159/7
Dam: Miss V8 829/6

Miss V8 37/8

Sire: Mr. V8 194/7
Dam: Miss V8 829/6

Miss V8 49/9

Sire: +Mr. V8 458/7
Dam: Miss V8 829/6
Shown by: Mikey Curry

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