Brahman Sires

Mr. V8 322/8

National Champion

Sire: +Mr. V8 380/6
Dam: +Miss V8 33/8
ABBA: 976451
BW: 83 pounds
From the V8 Ranch Cow Family: Rose

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The next generation of the +380/6 Brahman Sire Line is his popular son Mr. V8 322/8. The power and consistency of 380/6 combines with the Rose cow family, a mainstay at V8 Ranch for decades. His dam, +Miss V8 33/8, is a beautiful red-tinged, long-bodied daughter of +Mr. V8 191/7 and is the picture of femininity, but possesses a lot of muscle and depth of body. Phenoytypically, she would be one of V8’s most impressive cows and is an ideal of what we strive for. 322/8 is balanced and stylish with the length of body you’d expect from his dam, but the power and masculinity of his sire. Heavy-boned with excellent pigment and breed character, since his first time in the showring he has been in the limelight. Two-time division winner at Houston Livestock Show and 2020 National Champion Bull.


Cow Family

Notable Ancestors + Relatives

+Mr. V8 380/6

Sire of Mr. V8 322/8

Sire: (+)JDH Karu Manso 800
Dam: Miss V8 170/6

+Miss V8 33/8

Dam of Mr. V8 322/8

Sire: +Mr. V8 191/7
Dam: +Miss V8 209/6

+Miss V8 209/6

Maternal Granddam

Sire: +Mr. V8 901/4
Dam: +Miss V8 495/5 “Rose”
Reserve International Champion

+Miss V8 495/5

Maternal Great Granddam

Sire: JDH Mr. Manso 288/1
Dam: +Miss V8 570/3

Show Ring Success

Mr. V8 322/8

2020 National Champion bUll

Sire: +Mr. V8 380/6
Dam: +Miss V8 33/8

Mr. V8 322/8

Junior Champion Bull, 2020 Houston Livestock Show

Sire: +Mr. V8 380/6
Dam: +Miss V8 33/8

Mr. V8 322/8

Calf Champion Bull, 2019 Houston Livestock Show

Sire: +Mr. V8 380/6
Dam: +Miss V8 33/8


Miss V8 472/9

Sire: Mr. V8 322/8
Dam: Miss V8 829/6
Sold for $150,000 for one-half interest in 2021 Made for Magic IV Sale to Walters Livestock Enterprises

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