Fans and Friends Come Together on the V8 Ranch Private Facebook Group

February 25, 2022

Why Did We Create a V8 Ranch Private Facebook Group?

As the oldest and widest-reaching social network around, Facebook boasts a staggering number of active uses – nearly 2.8 billion people per month! Five new Facebook profiles are created every second, and more than 300 million photos get uploaded per day.

With all those people and all those posts, it’s not surprising that even Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, promotes the use of meaningful communities as a way to find your place and break through the noise.  The great thing about Facebook groups is that they can be public or private. A private group is one where membership must be requested and approved before a user is able to join. Only current, approved members can see who is in the group and the content that gets posted.

Everyone at V8 Ranch loved the idea of bringing our Brahman-loving friends and fans together into a space where we can share new, post photos, discuss issues, and chat about all things related to Brahman ranching.


Who is in this Group?

At this writing, the V8 Ranch private Facebook group has nearly 2000 members from across the globe.  In the United States, we have members from the east coast to the west coast, including California, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Texas. Add in our international friends – including members from Australia, Guatemala, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, The Philippines, and Zimbabwe – and we have some very lively discussions!  This group also includes members of the Williams family (who moderate the page), employees of the ranch, past and current customers, friends from the show circuit, industry professionals, and more.

Supreme Champion Lineup of American Cattle at the Cattleman's Congress in Oklahoma City


Since more than one-half of the cattle in the world have Brahman blood in their veins, we’re willing to bet that there are more people who might like to join our group. Applying for membership is easy. Just follow this link and answer a few short questions.  Of course, you’ll also have to agree to the rules of the group. We have set up the space is a place to learn, discover, and connect with others on a shared journey, so we ask members to respect one another in our discussions about Brahman cattle and agriculture; to add value; to share ideas freely; and to bring their best to this group while avoiding spam and negativity.



The Williams family has created several features that are exclusive to the V8 Ranch private Facebook group.  One of the most popular is a the “Ask Jim” series – private video chats with Jim Williams where he answers questions submitted by members of the group. Be the first to answer correctly in a “Trivia Time” post, and you don’t just earn bragging rights – you may win some V8 merchandise, too! You’ll find members sharing helpful hints and solutions for things like feeding multiple square bales. The group also trades tips on important topics like fly control in the pasture. “Trading Post Thursdays” allows members an opportunity to promote their own cattle, embryos, or services for sale. And, of course, you’ll see plenty of great photos – past and present – featuring bulls and heifers with V8 lineage.



The Brahman breeding community continues to grow, as do Facebook groups. Bringing the two together creates a safe forum where we can build long-term relationships by easily sharing ideas and information worldwide. Want to join the conversation? Want to ask a question? Have something to share? We hope to see you on our private Facebook group, Fans and Friends of V8 Ranch.

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