The V8 Ranch Guide to New Years Intentions

Brahman Bull with Brahman Cow

January 1, 2024

The V8 Ranch Guide to New Year’s Intentions

As we bid farewell to 2023 and look ahead to 2024, many will be contemplating the familiar tradition of making New Year’s resolutions. 

However, at V8 Ranch, we believe there is power in focusing less on resolutions that can be hard to sustain, and more on setting a New Year’s intention

What’s the difference? 


Did you know that 91% of people who set New Year’s Resolutions fail?

In fact, 1 out of 3 give up in the first month. There’s even a “holiday” called Quitter’s Day (January 13th), which is the day most people abandon their New Year’s Resolutions.

Why is this? 

It’s likely due to feeling the pressure to change—without a clear, reasonable, and sustainable plan that fits into how you actually live your life.

Resolutions tend to be specific, measurable, “do or do not, there is no try” goals about changing habits or lifestyles. “Lose 30 pounds”, “save more money”, “get a new job” — these are classic resolutions people promise themselves year after year. While noble in spirit, there’s often a lack of vision about why this goal is important and necessary, which means the drive to see it through is lacking. Even the word “resolution” feels pressure-filled. 

An intention can be just as powerful as a resolution but it feels more flexible. Because we all know, things happen. The idea of an intention is that you’re working toward a desired outcome… but you’re not locked into this rigid plan for it.

Intentions live in the gray, rather than the black and white. Intentions are about identifying an overarching purpose or commitment to work toward. There’s no one path toward an intention, no “pass or fail” that halts momentum the second things go awry. Instead, intentions give you the freedom for many paths, multiple routes to keep moving forward. In the world of intentions, even if you go off track, you give yourself the opportunity to get back on the horse and keep going.

That’s why in 2024, we intend to champion the Brahman breed by showing our appreciation for those long-time supporters who put their faith in V8 cattle, at the same time as promoting understanding and excitement for Brahmans to newcomers.


As a leading seedstock producer, we take pride in breeding some of the finest Brahman genetics in the country through our premium herds. But elevating the breed encompasses more than just strong EPDs and shapely show heifers. It’s also about innovation, education, and advocacy.

In the coming year, we will continue to employ the latest reproductive technologies that make V8 Ranch genetics so sought-after, while simultaneously leading the Preservation Breeder movement, championing the distinctive qualities that make Brahmans so desirable among savvy breeders. 

We also plan to ramp up our educational offerings for fellow cattlemen and women of all stages in their Brahman journey—from generations-deep industry dynasties to those just discovering the beauty and benefits of these animals. 

And we intend to continue advocating for this remarkable cattle breed at every opportunity. For instance, V8 Ranch plays an integral part in planning the ABBA’s upcoming 100th Anniversary celebration, upholding the Williams’ family legacy of leadership and service. We also plan on demonstrating our steadfast commitment to the Brahman community in 2024 by exhibiting at signature events like the International Brahman Show, imparting knowledge through speaking engagements, lending expertise in judging competitions, welcoming visitors to experience our operation firsthand, and engaging our online community with valuable Brahman insights. Wherever the venue and whatever the format, you can always count on V8 to be staunch supporters and vocal proponents for advancing Braham cattle for the next 100 years.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the ongoing support of our cherished customers, community, and industry partners around the world. We are sincerely grateful and honored to everyone who has put their faith in V8 Ranch through the years, allowing us to be part of their businesses—and their lives.


In looking toward the future, it’s critical to reflect on the past. As we completed our New Year’s Intention exercise, we took a moment as a family to consider the biggest blessings and achievements from 2023.

First, we made American Brahman history as the first ranch ever to exhibit both the ABBA Show Bull of the Year and Show Cow of the Year in the same year! Our legendary show heifer, Miss V8 279/9 was selected as the 2023 Show Cow of the Year, following a banner show campaign culminating as the Supreme Champion American Female at the prestigious Cattleman’s Congress. Meanwhile, her peer, Mr. V8 891/8 “Pathfinder”, had his own dominant run in 2023, earning the distinction of Show Bull of the Year. 

In other exciting 2023 developments for V8 Ranch, we completed substantial international live cattle shipments—including Botswana and the Philippines. 

Miss V8 279/9 and Mr. V8 891/8
2023 ABBA Show Cow & Show Bull of the Year

The monumental shipment of elite Brahman cattle to the Republic of Botswana represented the culmination of months of meticulous planning, coordination and dedication. The hand-selected Grey Brahmans, 44 bulls and females bearing the V8 brand, embody the pinnacle of genetics from our ranch and our collaborator, J.D. Hudgins, Inc. This delivery promises to significantly augment Botswana’s agricultural capabilities. We extend heartfelt thanks to our partners at J.D. Hudgins for their instrumental role in bringing this landmark export to fruition. Witnessing the Grey Brahmans, which began their journey in Hungerford, Texas, arrive on Botswana soil was an immense moment of pride and achievement. Working alongside President Masisi and the Botswana government on this shipment has been deeply rewarding. Their outstanding commitment to the project has our deepest appreciation, and we eagerly anticipate our continued partnership.

Additionally, V8 Ranch successfully delivered 49 head of elite Brahman cattle to the Philippines. The shipment, which touched down in Manila on August 24, 2023, included 21 V8-branded donor-quality females, sired by renowned bulls such as +Mr. V8 146/8 “Sloan,” +Mr. V8 322/8, and +Mr. V8 380/6. Many of the cattle are V8 Superblends, an exclusive blend of two of V8’s legendary cow families. Joseph “JB” Bernos of Abra River Cattle Farm visited V8 Ranch this summer to personally select cattle for the shipment, alongside his advisor, Ian Abelos of 5A Cattle Breeding. Jim Williams and his daughter, Catherine Williams Neumayr, breeders and family members of V8 Ranch, also selected cattle for Primecut Ranch and brokered the sale.

Exporting Brahman genetics around the world is an honor we take great pride in. Cattle from V8 Ranch are now found across six continents, and our family continues to foster international collaborations.

And we were equally proud this year when in January, Sullivan Supply bestowed us with a Best of the Barn award recognizing our top-caliber seedstock. Created by The Pulse and sponsored by Sullivan Supply, this prestigious awards program is a highly anticipated annual event amongst those on the showring circuit. Being grouped with some of the cattle industry’s most respected leaders was an honor – and an opportunity to bring more attention to the Brahman breed. When we told fellow Brahman enthusiasts about this opportunity, they rallied, casting 9,231 votes to secure a win for V8 Ranch.

There were certainly too many 2023 blessings to name them all. But suffice to say, the last year held significance and memories we will treasure forever. As a family, we feel abundantly grateful to our customers, supporters, and colleagues who have chosen to invest in V8 Ranch—and are thrilled to continue these relationships as we head into the new year and beyond.

We look ahead to 2024 with heads held high, hope in our hearts, and a meaningful intention guiding our hands. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings for the V8 Ranch herd and the entire Brahman community we are so proud to be part of. 

Want more information on the V8 Ranch? 

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