Sale Report: The Extraordinary Success of Made for Magic VI

Made for Magic VI Showcases Elite Brahman Heifers and Shatters Expectations

The highly anticipated Made for Magic VI online auction, held on October 24-25, 2022, sent waves through the Brahman community as it showcased a dazzling lineup of elite heifers. The event exceeded all expectations, with fierce bidding and high sale prices that underscored the unwavering demand for top-tier genetics.

Miss V8 614/9 Reigns Supreme, Ignites Frenzy Among Brahman Enthusiasts

Miss V8 614/9 claimed her rightful throne as the queen of the auction. As a full sister to the legendary +Mr. V8 322/8 and out of +Miss V8 33/8, this regal heifer left Brahman enthusiasts spellbound. The Barnes family of 76 Ranch, renowned for their commitment to building an elite herd of red and gray cattle in East Texas, recognized her exceptional value and seized the opportunity by securing her for a sale price of $129,750. The acquisition of Miss V8 614/9 solidifies 76 Ranch’s unwavering dedication to breeding excellence and positions them at the forefront of the industry.

Skipper and Linda Williams Set a New Benchmark with Strategic Acquisitions

Skipper and Linda Williams of Keithville, Louisiana, renowned for their discerning eye and unwavering commitment to superior genetics, further solidified their strong position in the cattle industry with their strategic acquisitions at Made for Magic VI. In a display of unyielding determination, they secured two exceptional heifers that embody the pinnacle of Brahman breeding.

Lot 3 featured Miss V8 609/9, a daughter of the National Champion +Mr. V8 322/8 and out of a full sister to +Miss V8 805/6, the dam of the legendary Sloan. This extraordinary heifer possesses the perfect blend of power and elegance. The Williams recognized her potential and seized the opportunity to add her to their herd for an impressive sale price of $37,750.

In Lot 2, the Williams set their sights on Miss V8 607/9, the first heifer to sell from the highly acclaimed Bull of the Year, Mr. V8 562/8 “Guardian.” With her impressive lineage and genetic potential, she is destined to leave an indelible mark on the breed. The Williams’ keen judgment prevailed as they secured her for a sum of $32,250.

Lot 5, Miss V8 614/9 

Sold for $129,750 to 76 Ranch of Timpson, Texas

Lot 3, Miss V8 609/9

Sold for $37,750 to Skipper Williams of Keithville, LA.

Lot 2, Miss V8 607/9 

Sold for $32,250 to Skipper Williams of Keithville, LA.

GKB Cattle Fortifies Their Genetic Empire with an Astute Acquisition

GKB Cattle, the breeding enterprise helmed by Gary and Kathy Buchholz of Waxahachie, Texas, demonstrated their unwavering commitment to fortifying their genetic empire with an astute acquisition at Made for Magic VI. Their discerning eye recognized the exceptional attributes of Lot 4’s Miss V8 613/9, a red-tinged daughter of Sloan with impeccable genetics and a breathtaking phenotype. Her commanding presence and superior bloodlines made her an irresistible addition to GKB Cattle’s formidable portfolio. They secured her for an impressive sale price of $46,250, reaffirming their status as stalwarts of the beef industry.

TCC Farms Makes a Bold Entrance into the Brahman Elite

In a remarkable debut in the Magical Investors’ Club, TCC Farms, the Deaton family from Georgia, made an indelible mark on the Brahman elite with their acquisition of Lot 1’s Miss V8 606/9. As a full sister to Mr. V8 891/8 “Pathfinder,” this exceptional heifer represents the epitome of Brahman excellence. She garnered attention from many discerning breeders but it was TCC Farms who demonstrated their unwavering determination to secure this coveted female for a sale price of $40,250, establishing their presence among the breed’s elite.

Lot 4, Miss V8 613/9 

Sold for $46,250 to GKB Cattle of Waxahachie, Texas.

Lot 1, Miss V8 606/9

Sold for $40,250 to TCC Farms, the Deaton family, of Georgia.

Made for Magic VII: Unveiling a New Chapter in Brahman Greatness

As the success of Made for Magic VI reverberates throughout the industry, breeders eagerly anticipate the arrival of Made for Magic VII. This highly anticipated event, scheduled for July 10-11, 2023, promises to be an unrivaled showcase of V8 Ranch’s top fall-born heifers. With a relentless commitment to breeding greatness, V8 Ranch continues to push the boundaries of Brahman excellence, unveiling a new chapter in the breed’s storied legacy.

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