The Miss Priss Cow Family

+Miss 3X Mucho Grande 60/5 Cow Family at V8 Ranch


Miss Priss, a stunning Guzerat-type female, was the 1978 Reserve National Champion Female. She sold for the record-shattering price of $25,000 to the Vineyard family in Texas. When the Vineyards decided to get out of the Brahman business in 1982, they called Jim and offered him a deal: he could pick any of their 3X cows for $1,750 each. Jim thanked the Vineyards but told them that he really had his eye on Miss Priss. He continued: “I know you paid $25,000 for her, but I just can’t afford that price.” Mrs. Vineyard replied, “Jim, you can have Miss Priss for $1,750, just like all of the other cows.” You see, the Vineyards loved Miss Priss, too, and they wanted her to go to a good home. Jim brought her back to Boling and took her straight to the front pasture at V8 where she spent most evenings soaking up affection from Jim and Luann’s daughters, who were delighted by Miss Priss and her docile temperament.


Born May 3, 1975, and bred by Emily Dial, Miss Priss carries the 3X prefix. On the top side of her pedigree, she traces back to one of the very first V8-branded cows, Miss V-8 14th, who was born in 1944.

JDH Res Emperor De Manso

Mr. V8 711

Miss V8 541st

SIRE: +Mr. 3x Mucho Grande

April 638th

Miss Buck Borden IV

(Miss Buck Borden III)

Repucho Brazindu


Miss Tippuquin’s AA/578

DAM: Ms 3x RepuchoGrande

Tippuquin’s Jillions

Miss Shotgun

Tippu’s AA/344

what makes her special?

Twenty nine years of family champions… and counting. In 1990, the V8 team celebrated a historic win in Dallas, Texas, when Judge Dr. Bill Turner slapped Miss V8 8/4 as the Reserve National Champion Female, the first from the Miss Priss cow family. In 2019, we celebrated again when +Miss V8 483/8 was named National Champion Female under Judge Dr. Joe Paschal. During those 29 years since the crowning of the first female, we enjoyed six National or International titles from this cow family, with both bulls and females represented. We cherish every title as if it’s the first, appreciating all of the collective knowledge and hard work it takes to achieve such a high honor.



Born: Spring 1975, 3X Ranch
Death: Summer 1989, Boling, TX

Impact At V8

Number of Sons: 4
Number of Daughters: 7

Famous Family Members

A mainstay cow family in the V8 herd for nearly 40 years, the influence of Miss Priss was carried by her daughters, +Miss V8 287/3 and +Miss V8 933/2. In fact, +Miss V8 933/2 produced a Reserve National Champion, Miss V8 8/4. More than 2500 animals have pedigree tracing back to Miss Priss, and her descendants are just as active as they have ever been, producing some of our most notable animals including headliners like Mr. V8 604/7, the 2017 International Champion Bull, and Miss V8 483/8, the 2019 National Champion Female.

LASTING LEGACY On the Brahman Breed

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+Mr. V8 901/4


+Miss V8 43/7

Great Granddaughter

Mr. V8 604/7

“Man of Steel”

2x Great-Grandson

Miss V8 483/8

2x Great Grandaughter

Miss V8 485/8

2X Great Granddaughter

Miss V8 251/9

2X Great Granddaughter

Miss V8 442/8

2x Great Grandaughter

+Mr. V8 48/8


2X Great Grandson

Miss V8 324/9

2X Great Granddaughter

Miss V8 407/9

3x Great Grandaughter

Miss V8 448/9

2X Great Granddaughter

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