V8 Ranch Partners with Bilwani Cattle & Goat Farm to Bring Improved Cattle to Pakistan

Brahman Bull with Brahman Cow

March 20, 2024

We are excited to announce a new partnership between V8 Ranch and Bilwani Cattle & Goat Farm in Karachi, Pakistan. This collaboration will facilitate the supply of high-quality V8 bull semen to Bilwani and other cattle breeders across Pakistan through our partner, Bilwani.

V8 Brahman bull semen making its way to Pakistan includes:

    Brahman bulls from V8 Ranch

    • Mr. V8 191/7 – Known for producing offspring with impressive length, style, muscularity, and overall aesthetic appeal, this former Reserve International Champion Brahman Bull consistently sires calves that catch the eye and perform exceptionally well.
    • +Mr. V8 195/8 “Red Man” – An eye-catching red Brahman bull that combines exceptional musculature and heavy bone with superior structural correctness, consistently passing on the distinctive V8 look that has been carefully cultivated through generations of selective breeding.
    • Mr. V8 274/7 “George” – A well-balanced bull with excellent growth and reproductive traits, he consistently sires easy-fleshing, stylish Brahman calves with the great dispositions that are a hallmark of his breeding.
    • Mr. V8 365/8 “Tank” – A massive, heavily muscled bull with remarkable weight-gaining ability and a gentle disposition.
    • Mr. V8 604/7 “Man of Steel” – A structurally sound bull with a strong topline and exceptional length, known for siring high-quality calves.
    • Mr. V8 756/7 “Megastroke” – One of our most popular AI Brahman sires, is a powerhouse bull with immense volume and capacity, showcasing superior width, depth, and balance, along with an extremely level topline, great pigment, and ample breed character.
    • Mr. V8 815/7 –  A stylish Brahman bull with a clean underline and strong maternal attributes, boasts impressive length and muscle packaged in a moderate frame size, along with what old-timers call an “apple butt” – a powerfully built hindquarter.
    • Mr. V8 873/8 “Colossal”—Very long-bodied, level-topped, and well-balanced, Colossal is excellent on his feet and legs and offers calving ease with an actual birthweight of just 71 pounds.
    • Mr. V8 23/9 “Red Roulette” – A remarkable red Brahman bull that showcases robust bone structure, a refined sheath, well-muscled hindquarters, and the distinctive V8 style and charisma.
    • Mr. V8 903/8 “Omega” – One of our most in-demand international AI sires, Omega’s exceptional genetic profile is unmatched among our AI sires, ranking in the top 10% for an impressive 11 different traits—more than any other bull in our lineup.

    See more details on the V8 bull semen we have available domestically and for export.

    In the Islamic tradition, animals are sometimes sacrificed to honor God by feeding the poor and needy. Bilwani raises cattle specifically for this ceremonial purpose. The higher the quality of the animal offered, the more prestigious the sacrifice. Understandably, Bilwani strives to improve their herd to provide better offerings. Our partnership will aid their mission.

    The premium genetics of V8’s Brahman bulls offer adaptive traits tailored for Pakistan’s extreme climate. Brahmans boast heat tolerance for temperatures over 120°F, resilience to endemic cattle diseases, and efficient conversion of variable local feed sources. Strategic crossbreeding with Brahman semen can reinforce the national herd’s production barriers stemming from heat stress, tropical pathogens, and inconsistent nutrition. V8 aims to bridge crucial gaps in dairy and beef output to enhance food security amid Pakistani agriculture’s climate change struggles.

    Pakistan meets texas

      In January 2024, the Bilwani family (Saqib and his son Muhammad) visited V8 Ranch to learn about our breeding program and state-of-the-art technologies for enhancing cattle genetics. During their trip, we connected on both a professional and personal level. 

        Importing V8 Brahman Cattle to Bilwani Cattle & Goat Farm in Karachi, Pakistan

        As ranchers ourselves, we understand and respect the deep bonds that all cattle farmers form with their animals. Though our religious backgrounds differ, this shared connection united us. Just as we aim to raise healthy, well-cared-for livestock, so does the Bilwani family. One of Pakistan’s largest associations, the Dairy Agriculture Livestock Farmer Association (DALFA) works toward the same ethical, humane animal husbandry goals. The Bilwani family partners closely with DALFA to carry out best practices for animal welfare in their country. 

        By supplying quality semen from V8 bulls, we look forward to helping Bilwani and other Pakistani cattle breeders produce even better herds. Together, through open and thoughtful collaboration, our joint efforts will benefit cattle farmers and communities in need.

        We are thankful for this partnership and the friendships it has created between our ranch and the Bilwani farm. Despite the geographic distance, we share common values of animal care, environmental stewardship, and a desire to produce nutritious beef to feed families. This trade relationship spans cultures and beliefs to find common ground.

        Curious about how to import V8 genetics for your cattle operation? Check out this article: The Essential Guide on How to Import Brahman Cattle Internationally.

        Or, contact us to start the process now.

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        1. dr mazhar iqbal

          Subject: Request for Externship Opportunity in USA for Enhancing Skills in Brahman Breeding Associations

          Dear V8 Family,

          I hope this message finds you well. My name is Dr Mazhar Iqbal , and I am writing to express my interest in pursuing an externship opportunity with your esteemed organization in the USA. As a dedicated member of the Brahman breeding community, I am eager to enhance my skills and knowledge in this field, and I believe that an externship with V8 would provide me with invaluable experience and insights.

          I am particularly drawn to V8’s reputation for excellence in Brahman breeding associations, and I am eager to learn from your team of experts. By immersing myself in your operations, I am confident that I will gain a deeper understanding of best practices in breeding, genetics, and herd management.

          I am passionate about contributing to the advancement of Brahman breeding both locally and globally, and I believe that the knowledge and experience I will gain through an externship with V8 will enable me to make a meaningful impact in my own community.

          I am prepared to dedicate myself fully to this externship opportunity, and I am confident that my enthusiasm, work ethic, and willingness to learn will make me a valuable addition to your team.

          Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to discuss this opportunity further and am available at your earliest convenience for an interview or discussion.

          Warm regards,

          Dr Mazhar Iqbal


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