Go Inside the 2023 V8 Ranch Social

Brahman Bull with Brahman Cow

December 8, 2023

Go Inside the 2023 V8 Ranch Social

On October 28, 2023, V8 Ranch celebrated 79 years as one of the top Brahman cattle ranches with our signature celebration – the V8 Ranch Social. This year’s event was especially meaningful to the Williams family, as it marked the first in-person gathering since the onset of the pandemic 3.5 years ago. 

While V8 has a history of pioneering large, open-invitation social events, this year’s gathering took a different, more family-oriented turn. Instead of a lavish open-invitation affair, 2023’s V8 Ranch Social served as half upscale invite-only neighborhood block party, half customer appreciation celebration.

Imagine kicking back in the pasture with your favorite neighbors and funniest friends… cool beverage in one hand, tasty appetizers in the other. The evening is warm, the breeze is light with the promise of true fall just around the corner. 

Brahman cattle graze peacefully in the backdrop and as you turn toward the touch on your shoulder, your heart gives that familiar leap of unexpected happiness as you take in that smiling face you haven’t seen in forever. The feeling of home washes over you, allowing you to bask in the familiar sense of community and contentment being part of the V8 family can only bring.

That’s the atmosphere we intentionally cultivated inside the 2023 V8 Ranch Social. As Jim Williams of V8 Ranch noted, the event drew inspiration from the camaraderie and networking once facilitated by Ranch Field Days. “We aimed to create a setting outside of shows and sales where our longtime customers and friends could engage in meaningful interactions, enhancing the strong sense of community V8 Ranch has always valued.”


With attendees hailing from Venezuela, Mexico, and six different U.S. states, the event served as more than just a reason to party—it was a convergence of shared passions and Brahman cattle expertise. 

Held in V8 Ranch’s idyllic front pasture during the evening’s final golden hour, the setting sun cast an enchanting glow that only heightened the sense of community. As daylight gave way to a clear, star-studded night sky, a full moon rose, adding an almost mystical touch to an already unforgettable gathering. 

Here, among fellow Brahman enthusiasts, guests felt the palpable sense of joy and camaraderie that only a setting as perfect as this could create.



Near the main event tent, guests had the opportunity to get their eyes on a hand-curated selection of over 50 young American Brahman heifers available to purchase in our Private Treaty Sale, starting for as little as $5000. 

As the sun set, the pens buzzed with activity: guests meticulously crafted their ‘wishlists’ for the night’s Moonlit Magic Draw Down Event, where one lucky Brahman cattle rancher in attendance would go home with a top tier V8 Ranch heifer. Others decided not to leave it up to chance, instead seizing the opportunity to make an immediate purchase, ensuring they got their pick of the heifers for their own programs. 

Interested in getting a premier V8 heifer for yourself? We still have a strong selection of outstanding Grey Brahman females available from our Spring 2023 calf crop. Click here to see our investment options – or email our office for a full list.


Aside from the valued customers, friends, and neighbors of V8 Ranch, the celebrated ‘guest of honor’ for the evening was none other than +Mr. V8 146/8 “Sloan.” As the Brahman breed’s only three-time International Champion Bull, Sloan holds a special place in the V8 Ranch legacy. 

While his gentle disposition made him a hit for photos and interaction, it’s his exceptional progeny that earned him entry into the Register of Renown at just five years old—one of the youngest bulls to ever receive the honor. 

Positioned in a premier location beside the main event tent, Sloan’s presence offered guests a beautiful, heart-warming view during dinner and sunset. As the most dominant breeding bull in V8 Ranch history, many of his daughters and granddaughters are among the heifers available for sale in the private treaty pens.

Mr. V8 146/8 Sloan making his apperance at the V8 Ranch Social

+Mr. V8 146/8 ‘Sloan’


If you know Texas, then you know our barbecue standards are quite high. Unlike your average barbecue buffet, V8 Ranch Social guests were treated to a culinary journey crafted by Caleb Abercrombie of Bar-A-BBQ in Montgomery, Texas

A former V8 team member turned celebrated pitmaster, Caleb is featured in Texas Monthly as one of the state’s top 25 new barbecue spots. He delivered an elevated, plated dining experience that was more than just a meal—it was a feast for the senses. 

Browsing the heifer sale pens, guests were enveloped in the rich aroma of meat that had been meticulously slow cooked all day. With each slice hand-carved by Caleb himself, the evening’s cuisine reflected the high level of quality and attention to detail V8 Ranch is known for.

Caleb Abercrombie cooking Texas BBQ for the V8 Ranch Social


The inaugural V8 Ranch Pop-Up Shop offered guests a unique shopping experience to commemorate the 2023 Ranch Social. From tees to Christmas gifts, guests took full advantage of this first-time opportunity to shop V8 Ranch merchandise live and in person. 

If you missed the event, you can still order V8 apparel and home goods by clicking right here. Choose from our limited edition seasonal designs or V8 brand classics in styles that include t-shirts, hoodies, ballcaps, home fragrances, and kids’ collections. As a family-owned business, our staff hand-packs ship every single V8 Ranch apparel order right away, ensuring you get your Brahman-inspired gear as quickly as possible!



Always a leader in ranch event innovation—think the iconic Luck of the Straw semen giveaway—V8 Ranch raised the giveaway stakes once again. 

2023 ushered in the Moonlit Magic Draw Down Event, the evening’s pinnacle activity, where ranches in attendance entered to win a $20,000 V8 Ranch Brahman heifer. 

Each ranch was issued one entry per holding brand, placed on the Moonlit Magic Draw Down board. Throughout the night, brands ‘magically’ disappeared from the board (don’t blame us, it’s the tumbler’s fault), culminating in a final face-off featuring the last five ranches. 

As suspense filled the air, Brad Gonce emerged as the victor, claiming his prize: his pick of a heifer from the private treaty pens.

Brad, renowned Brahman cattle judge and a longtime aficionado of V8 cow families, had his sights set on a member of the renowned Claydesta cow family

He chose Miss V8 931/9, a dark-pigmented daughter of Mr. V8 179/8 “Big Mack”, out of Miss V8 228/8, a +Mr. V8 380/6 daughter. 

This exceptional heifer not only wows in phenotype but also boasts an extraordinary genetic package with eight different traits ranking in the top 15% or better for EPDs. As a refresher, EPDs (expected progeny differences) refers to a set of indices and qualities in cattle, such as birth weight and calving ease, frame size, and docility; EPDs serve as a prediction of how future progeny of an animal will perform.

With an asking price of $20,000, Miss V8 931/9 became Brad’s prize, free of charge. And we’re pleased to do it—the Moonlit Magic Draw Down is just one of the ways we show our appreciation for our loyal customers. 

Based on the popularity of this event, it’s safe to say you’ll be seeing it again in the future!

Want more information on the V8 Ranch? 

Click here to schedule a complimentary visit with us at our Hungerford, Texas location – or go here to see all our available Brahman cattle investment options.

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