The Claydesta 807U5 Cow Family

+MS CLAYDESTA 203-807U5 at V8 Ranch


During the 1980s, Brangus breeder and Texas oilman Clayton Williams had established an elite herd of Brahman cattle. All of his cattle were named with the “Claydesta” prefix, a combination of Clayton and his wife Modesta’s name. He hosted a special event sale at Houston in 1988, and it was there we purchased +Ms. Claydesta 203-807U5 for a cool $5,000. 


+Ms. Claydesta 203-807U5 is the daughter of two Houston Champions, (+)WR Mr. Suva 203 and the famous International Champion +Miss Diamond T 432 cow. 807U5 was bred to V8 herd bulls like +Mr. V8 700/3 and (+)JDH Charley Manso 590/6, and we’re not exaggerating when we say it made magic.

+Miss Diamond T 432, dam of +Ms Claydesta 203-807U5 and the 1985 International Champion Female.

Mr. V8 13/1

HCK Sir Suvaneldo

HCK Ms Suva Ann

SIRE: (+)WR Mr. Suva 203

Mr. V8 11/1

+HCK Princess Val Suvan

HCK Princess Suva

Mr. V8 of LSU 8

+EJL Gigante 309

Miss Encino 491/1

DAM: +Miss Diamond T 432

+RQ’s Rexcrata 455

+LMT Miss Diamond T 206

+TA Lady Florida Metz

what makes her special?

807U5 was the foundation for one of the most impressive and decorated cow families in the history of V8 Ranch; her family alone has generated more than $750,000 in progeny sales.



Born: Fall 1986, Floresville, TX
Death: Fall 2002, Boling, TX

Impact At V8

Number of Sons: 19
Number of Daughters: 31
(9 replacement females kept at V8)

Photo of 807U5 in the Clayton Williams Brahman Ranch sale advertisment prior to her purchase by V8 Ranch in 1988.

Notes from 807U5’s production record at V8 Ranch. “Died of Old Age, 12-10-02 at Jim’s House.”

Famous Family Members

807U5’s daughter, +Miss V8 188/5, was sired by +Mr. V8 700/3, who was descended from the original 1944 Ann Forgason 5 (ABBA 4320) foundation cow line. +Miss V8 188/5 is one of just two cows at V8 to produce two different International Champion daughters, +Miss V8 831/5 and +Miss V8 464/6.

+Miss V8 80/5 is another of 807U5’s legendary daughters. She’s a Charley daughter and a superior donor for both V8 Ranch and Satterfield Ranch, with an extraordinary 99 progeny recorded in ABBA.

A third direct daughter of 807U5, +Miss V8 504/5 was also a Register of Renown Female.

+Miss V8 464/6, legendary donor female at V8 Ranch, International and World Brahman Congress Champion.

Champions from the 807U5 Cow Family

  • 2000 Reserve National Champion Female — Miss V8 716/5
  • 2002 International Champion Female — +Miss V8 831/5
  • 2006 National Champion Female — +Miss V8 551/6
  • 2007 International Champion Female — +Miss V8 464/6
  • 2007 Reserve International Champion Female — +Miss V8 551/6
  • 2007 All American Champion Female — +Miss V8 458/6
  • 2008 World Brahman Congress Champion Female — +Miss V8 464/6 
  • 2014 Reserve International Champion Bull — +Mr. V8 191/7


For further study, explore the Claydesta 807U5 cow family through these sires and donors at V8 Ranch that are in production at this time.

+Miss V8 464/6


+Mr. V8 191/7

Great Grandson

Mr. V8 194/7

Great Grandson

+Mr. V8 442/6

Great Grandson

Miss V8 591/7

Great Granddaughter 

Miss V8 545/7

Great Granddaughter

Miss V8 307/7

2X Great Granddaughter

Miss V8 401/8

2x Great Granddaughter

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