V8 Bulls Named Brahman Trait Leaders

Twenty-Seven V8 Ranch Bred Bulls Designated As ABBA 2020 Spring Trait Leaders

The American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) recently released the 2020 Spring Summary, which also includes the trait leaders for 14 traits measured by the association. Once again, bulls bred in the V8 Ranch program consistently ranked in the top, as 27 different Mr. V8’s are noted as a trait leader. In four of the 14 categories, a Mr. V8 is the top trait leader and in seven traits a Mr. V8 was ranked in the second spot.

V8 Brahman Bulls With Excellent EPDs

In the weaning weight category, four of the top 10 bulls carry the V8 breeding, while there are five V8 bulls in the yearling weight listing. Two of the ranch’s bulls stand #1 and #2 for the milk category. In addition, there are two V8 bred bulls each named as trait leaders in calving ease maternal, docility and scrotal circumference and one in the calving ease listing.

Brahman Bulls That Breed Carcass Quality

V8 Ranch has placed strong emphasis in the area of carcass traits and the trait leader listing reflected that dedication to the end product. Eight of the ten trait leaders for carcass weight carry the name of V8. Two bulls are included in the fat trait listing; seven Mr. V8’s are noted in the top for marbling and three for retail product. Nine V8 bred bulls are listed as trait leaders for ribeye and eight for tenderness.

+Mr. V8 380/6

Five trait leader designations.

+Mr. V8 442/6

Five trait leader designations, including being #1 in carcass weight.

Brahman Bulls with 5 Trait Leader Designations

 +Mr. V8 380/6, who is called “the consistency machine” for his show siring ability proves he also is consistent in the performance arena with five trait leader designations. He is the #2 ranking bull for yearling weight and carcass weight; #6 for scrotal circumference and tenderness and #9 in weaning weight. Learn more about 380/6.

+Mr. V8 442/6 also earned five designations. He is ranked #1 in carcass weight, #2 in milk, #3 in weaning and yearling weight and #10 for tenderness. View progeny of +Mr. V8 442/6.

+Mr. V8 960/5

Three trait leader designations, including the #1 ranking for milk.

+Mr. V8 191/7

Three trait leader designations, including the #1 ranking in ribeye area.

Notable Brahman Trait Leaders

+Mr. V8 960/5 claimed the top spot for milk, followed by a #7 ranking for tenderness and #9 for calving ease. Learn more about this International Champion Brahman bull.

+Mr. V8 191/7 came in as the #1 bull for ribeye area, #6 for yearling weight and #9 for carcass weight. He is a Brahman sire of champions and high sellers, and you can see his progeny here.

Mr. V8 243/7 earned four trait leader accolades – #5 in ribeye area, #6 in carcass weight, #8 in marbling and #9 in tenderness. From our JDH Water cow family, Mr. V8 243/7 is a trait leader that breeds red and grey.

Mr. V8 146/8, the current reigning International Champion and the only three time International Champion bull in the Brahman breed entered trait leader status in just his first calf crop with a #7 placing for docility. See the first calves out of Mr. V8 146/8.

Mr. V8 243/7

Four trait leader designations.

Mr. V8 146/8

Entered trait leader status in his first calf crop, ranking #7 for docility.

Multiple Category Trait Leaders

Mr. V8 463/6 earned four trait leader accolades, including the #4 ranking in marbling, #8 in ribeye area, #8 in tenderness, and #10 in carcass weight. View more about this National Champion Brahman bull.

Mr. V8 614/6 ranked in four trait leader categories, including the #6 ranking in fat, #7 in marbling, #6 in retail product, and #7 in ribeye area. 

Mr. V8 85/7 “Ocho Cinco” came in as the #7 in carcass weight and the #5 ranked bull for weaning weight. View more information about this direct son of +Miss V8 410/6.

Mr. V8 354/6 is another two-category trait leader, ranking as #5 in yearling weight and #7 in calving ease maternal. Mr. V8 274/7 “George” is a son of 354/6 currently in our V8 Ranch AI sire lineup.

Mr. V8 948/6 added trait leader accolades of #8 in fat and #4 in tenderness. 

Mr. V8 463/6

Four trait leader designations.

Mr. V8 614/6

Four trait leader designations.

Mr. V8 85/7 “Ocho Cinco”

Two trait leader designations.

Mr. V8 354/6

Two trait leader designations.

Mr. V8 948/6

Two trait leader designations.

V8 Maintains Long History With Performance Data

V8 Ranch was a trailblazer for adding performance data to American Brahmans in the 1970s. The ranch also been a strong proponent for EPDs and genomic evaluation as tools to be combined with visual appraisal for advancement of our herd, as well as the breed.

“It’s very gratifying for us and we are especially proud for our customers, who own some of these trait leaders. It documents the lead we are taking in critical areas of production and also adds validity and predictability to our sires. With genomic data like this behind our sires, we can use them with confidence and more importantly, so can our customers. These bulls can move the breed and individual programs forward,” remarked V8’s Jim Williams.

Other V8 bred bulls earning trait leader status are:

  • Mr. V8 140/6, #9 in carcass weight, #1 in marbling, #7 in retail product.
  • Mr. V8 450/7 – #2 in weaning weight.
  • Mr. V8 519/6 – #7 in yearling weight.
  • Mr. V8 815/5 “Tommy Bahama” – #2 in calving ease maternal. 
  • Mr. V8 963/7 – #9 in docility.
  • +Mr. V8 666/3, #4 in scrotal circumference.
  • +Mr. V8 761/6 – #3 in carcass weight.
  • Mr. V8 715/7 -#2 in marbling.
  • Mr. V8 716/7 -#6 in marbling.
  • Mr. V8 616/6 – #3 in retail product.
  • Mr. V8 604/7 “Man of Steel” – #2 in ribeye area. – Currently in our V8 Ranch AI Sire Lineup.
  • Mr. V8 766/7 – #3 in ribeye area.
  • Mr. V8 313/7 – #4 in ribeye area.
  • Mr. V8 771/7 – #6 in ribeye area.
  • Mr. V8 194/7 – #9 in ribeye area. Currently in our V8 Ranch AI Sire Lineup.
  • +Mr. V8 203/6 – #4 in tenderness.

Requirements for American Brahman Trait Leaders

For a bull to be recognized as an ABBA Trait Leader, he must have met the specific requirements set forth by the ABBA. First, only bulls that have the designated accuracy for the specific trait are considered. Once the sire has met the accuracy requirement he must be within the top 20 of the breed in the respective trait and have had at least one progeny registered within the previous two years.

The trait leader list only reflects records on modern gray bulls, which are considered born after January 1, 2000.

For more information on the sire summary visit the ABBA website www.brahman.org and for a complete listing of trait leaders with additional information such as DOB, registration number, breeder and current owners visit www.brahmanjournal.com and view the May 2020 edition.

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