Miss V8 997/6

Sire: (+)JDH Karu Manso 800
Dam: +Miss V8 58/6
ABBA: 862905
From the V8 Ranch Cow Family: +Miss V8 165/4

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Miss V8 997/6 is the dam of +Mr. V8 933/7 “Yeti” as well as many other top Brahman Cattle. She comes from the +Miss V8 165/4 cow family, one that has been top producing in our herd for years. Miss V8 997/6 has produced 40 calves through embryo production and comes from a long line of great show females, donors, high sellers, and prolific producers. Her mother, +Miss V8 58/6 produced Mr. V8 274/7 “George,” and her grand dam and great grand dam (+Miss V8 73/5 and +Miss V8 165/4) were both International Champion Females. 

+Miss V8 165/4

Cow Family

Notable Ancestors

+Mr. V8 933/7 “Yeti”

Sire: +Mr. V8 191/7
Dam: Miss V8 997/6
Herd Sire at V8 Ranch

Miss V8 790/8

Sire: +Mr. V8 191/7
Dam: Miss V8 997/6
Sold for $70,500 in our 2018 V8 Ranch Internet Sale.

Mr. V8 330/8

Sire: +Mr. V8 191/7
Dam: Miss V8 997/6
Herd Sire for 79 Cattle Company

Miss V8 478/8

Sire: Mr. V8 458/7 “Noble”
Dam: Miss V8 997/6
Sold in our 2017 Internet Sale for $29,250 to Heart BC Brahmans.

Miss V8 255/9

Sire: +Mr. V8 146/8 “Sloan”
Dam: Miss V8 997/6
Class Winner, 2022 International Brahman Show
Sold in our 2020 Made for Magic Internet Sale for $50,250 to Cattle Company 11

Miss V8 538/9

Sire: +Mr. V8 322/8
Dam: Miss V8 997/6
Sold for $48,250 in 2022 Made for Magic V Sale to 76 Ranch.

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