V8 Ranch Superblend Genetics in High Demand in Made for Magic IV Sale

Demand for V8 Ranch Superblend™ Genetics Brings Record-Breaking Number of Bidders to Online Heifer Sale

On October 25th and 26th, V8 Ranch hosted it’s Made for Magic IV Heifer Online Sale featuring six lots from the V8 Cow Families, five of which boasted V8 Superblend™ genetics.

The Brahman world responded with tremendous interest, fierce bidding, and final prices that reflect confidence in these females, their future production value, and the strength of the V8 Ranch program. Made for Magic IV broke records in nearly every category, drawing the most bidders – and bids – for a V8 Ranch online sale to date. 1100 bids resulted in the highest-ever final sale price for a single lot as well as the highest average-dollar sale price for all six lots.

The “Magic” of a V8 Partnership

In their fourth Made for Magic sale, the Williams family presented its strongest genetics from their spring heifer crop, including several females sired by Mr. V8 146/8 “Sloan.” Five Superblend™ individuals were on offer (V8 Superblends™ are animals resulting in a blending of two exceptional V8 cow families).

Topping the sale at $150,000 was a one-half interest in Miss V8 472/9, a Superblend™ reflecting the sire power of +Mr. V8 322/8 and her dam +Miss V8 829/6. She is the first progeny of 322, the 2020 National Champion Bull, to be sold by V8 Ranch. Her dam hails from the +Miss V8 165/4 Cow Family, who has excelled for over three decades on the ranch, producing five different International and National Champions.

Miss V8 472/9 is a striking female with beauty, power, and flawless structure who will work in both red and gray programs. In addition, she brings top 15% rankings for weaning and yearling, top 5% for docility, and top 1% for tenderness. Walters Livestock Enterprises of Brenham, Texas outlasted many bidders to purchase one-half interest and partner with V8 Ranch on this very promising February baby. Val Walters christened Miss V8 472/9 with the perfect nickname – “Magic.” And that’s exactly what we anticipate from Miss V8 472/9 and this Williams-Walters partnership.

Lot 5, Miss V8 472/9 

Sold for $150,000 to Walters Livestock Enterprises of Brenham, Texas.

Lot 2, Miss V8 443/9

Sold for $89,750 to Tate Barnes of 76 Ranch, Timpson, Texas

Building an Exceptional Herd with Superblend™ Genetics

Tate Barnes of 76 Ranch in Timpson, Texas secured Miss V8 443/9, the reserve high seller at $89,750. Also a Superblend™, Miss V8 443/9 brought competitive bidding since she combines the sire power of Mr. V8 146/8 “Sloan” from the +Miss V8 805/6 Cow Family with her dam, +Miss V8 829/6, who traces back to the +Miss V8 165/4 Cow FamilyThe maternal power in Miss V8 443/9’s pedigree is possibly unmatched – her dam, granddam, great granddam, and great-great grandam are all Register of Renown females with the V8 prefix.

The Barnes family also added Miss V8 468/9 for $63,750 to their high-quality program. A striking Superblend™ heifer, Miss V8 468/9 is a daughter of “Sloan”; her dam is Miss V8 233/8, a member of the +Miss V8 4/5 Cow Family. Repeat V8 customers focused on building an exceptional herd, the Barnes family have also purchased females in V8’s Made for Magic II and Made for Magic III sales.

Lot 4, Miss V8 468/9 

Sold for $63,750 to Tate Barnes of 76 Ranch, Timpson, Texas

Lot 1, Miss V8 435/9

Sold for $80,500 to Cecil Williams of Keithville, Louisiana

Tried and True V8 Phenotype Proves Popular with Bidders

With a desirable phenotype and carcass numbers in the top 1% for tenderness and marbling; the top 4% for the ribeye area; and the top 10% for carcass weight, Lot 1 proved very popular with bidders. But it was repeat customer Cecil Williams of Keithville, Louisiana who prevailed, purchasing Miss V8 435/9 for $80,500 to add to his V8 collection. Her pedigree reflects one of V8’s most predictable and dominating matings – out of 22 full sib embryos to date, nine are destined for the V8 donor pen. Miss V8 435/9 is sired by +Mr. V8 380/6, “The Machine” who is the #1 bull in the ABBA Register of Renown. Her dam is +Miss V8 952/6, a full sister to +Miss V8 805/6 and the dam of Mr. V8 146/8 “Sloan.”

Longtime V8 customers Jake and Britt Mathews of Ki Cattle Company in San Augustine, Texas made the final bid of $71,000 for the Lot 3 heifer. Miss V8 449/9, nicknamed “La Princesa” by the V8 family, boasts a Superblend™ pedigree. +Mr. V8 191/7 is her sire (from the +Claydesta 807U5 Cow Family) and her dam, Miss V8 610/8, is a full sister to “Sloan” and a member of the +Miss V8 805/6 Cow Family. This heifer’s two granddams, +Miss V8 464/6 and +Miss V8 805/6, are two of the most famous cows in V8 history. Miss V8 449/9 posts in the top 10% for carcass weight; top 4% ranking for yearling; top 5% for weaning; and the top 1% for tenderness and ribeye.

The final lot in the sale, Miss V8 481/9, will now make her home in Finger, Tennessee with the Jones Farm operation. This Superblend™ individual, who sold for $60,000, was also sired by “Sloan.” Her dam is the 380 daughter, Miss V8 49/8, a member of the Miss V8 539/6 Cow Family and the dam of Mr. V8 562/8 “Guardian.” Miss V8 481/9 is impressive from a phenotype standpoint, and her genotype reflects top 10% rankings for total maternal, docility, and ribeye area. She also ranks in the top 5% for weaning, the top 4% for yearling, and the top 1% for tenderness.

Lot 3, Miss V8 449/9 

Sold for $71,000 to Ki Cattle Company, San Augustine, Texas

Lot 6, Miss V8 481/9 

Sold for $60,000 to Jones Farm, Finger, Tennessee

The Final Word on the Final Sales

Reflecting on the sale, Jim Williams of V8 Ranch said:

“Once again, the Brahman world has responded to our offering and the program we have been building for more than 75 years with overwhelming support. The interest, the positive comments, the number of bidders and bids – they are so gratifying to all of us. I want each buyer to know that we are extremely thankful for your trust and excited to see the impact of our V8-bred heifers on your programs.”

For more information on V8 Ranch, follow the program on Facebook and Instagram, or visit www.v8ranch.com.

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